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In the course of a single generation, the tech titans have changed the way we shop. In response, retail revolutionaries are looking to new formats and fresh thinking to connect with customers.

As e-commerce sales rise to an expected US$6.5 trillion by 2023, retailers are turning to data, digital and design to cut costs, boost sales and create memorable customer experiences. But RLB’s work with agile formats and multi-functional spaces, unique business models and innovative last mile logistics solutions help our clients to prepare for any future.

RLB is as agile and responsive as the retail spaces we help to deliver. By challenging the norms, using digital tools to enhance our decision-making and delivering flawlessly, we help our retail clients to maximise their returns and reposition their assets.

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Experience is everything

Physical retail isn’t dead – but lacklustre retail is. Today’s consumers demand more than convenience and a cheap price – they want an experience. The sector’s innovators are responding by reimagining the shopping centre as a destination, where e-sports and entertainment, cafés, childcare centres and co-working collide with traditional discount and department stores. While shopping centres have always been at the heart of communities, today’s retail environment is also a hotbed of creativity and connection.

Technology is more than a trend

From drone deliveries to automated warehouses, facial recognition to mobile wallets, technology is reshaping retail. Technology may be a disruptor, but it is also breathing new life into bricks-and-mortar retail. Savvy retailers are using data get closer to their customers, and shopping centre owners are embracing AI and analytics to understand performance, track competitors and uncover hidden opportunities. At RLB, our investment in digitisation, mobile data collection and analysis tools – like the RLB Field app and RLB Focus – have accelerated the speed, accuracy and productivity of our retail projects too.

A sustainable sense of place

More than six in 10 Millennial consumers – now the world’s largest consumer group – consider a company’s ethical values, environmental sustainability and authenticity before buying their products. Savvy shopping centre owners and operators are responding with carbon zero certification, urban rooftop farms, paddock-to-plate food courts and more to connect with customers. And at RLB, our project and cost management expertise on complex shopping centre projects has helped our clients make carbon reductions while creating great places for people.