Connected thinking and independent advice



We believe the best outcomes only come from the best people. That’s why, in an increasingly complex world, RLB prides itself on taking clients on a journey to success. RLB delivers cost management and quantity surveying, design project management, and specification consultancy. Our approach combines collaborative best practice and flawless execution with local knowledge and expertise. While all projects are unique, and our participation may vary depending on our client’s needs, our commitment to bringing imagination to life is constant.

Bringing a fresh perspective

Our approach is about accelerating the delivery of benefits while providing a sustainable solution for our clients. It involves an absolute focus on sharing knowledge, learning and experience across our global business, and with our clients, to achieve real and tangible results.

Through collaborating, both internally and externally, we can influence the development of industry-quality standards, share knowledge and work together to drive industry-wide improvements. BIM is a key tool for driving collaboration and efficiency within the design and construction of the built environment. We are committed to integrating BIM and are working with some of the world’s leading designers, delivering highly complex, high-value projects worldwide.

Understanding the value of data within our solutions is a key enabler for successful outcomes. We are adopting new technology and techniques to work faster and smarter to deliver projects with greater data certainty and transparency, providing the insights needed to help our clients make more informed decisions, more quickly.

We are focused on creating and delivering value, and combining expertise in capital and whole-life cost modelling, the creation of human and social value and assessing the environmental impact of projects. This enables our clients to test their business cases and identify and deliver optimum value solutions.