Specialist Solutions


Our thought leaders apply their knowledge and experience to meet the wider project objectives and achieve the optimum outcome.


Every project has bespoke requirements that often require more specialist support, especially as setting project objectives and defining value is increasingly becoming more complex than simply time, cost and quality. Our experts provide both high level strategic advice and more practical support to achieve the best results for our clients.

Auditing & Fund Monitoring

RLB’s specialist, in-depth knowledge gained by working as lead and technical advisors for local authorities and government departments, as well as funders and contractors, enables us to provide well rounded cost engineering advice.

We understand the technical, financial, and contractual due diligence requirements that must be met before a client can commit funding. With our extensive PPP/PFI project procurement experience, we act on behalf of an institutional client to verify that project risks are fully identified and properly managed through construction and operation.

We then represent our client’s interests throughout the design and build period. We also use our expertise to provide in-depth support when required, in areas such as cost control, problem and dispute resolution, contract amendment and review, and performance measurement.

Our services include;

  • Pre-commencement reporting (auditing project costs and the adequacy of project documentation
  • Monitoring authority approvals
  • Progress payment assessments and recommendations
  • Cost-to-complete assessments
  • Monitoring project status and potential risk issues

Specification Consultancy

One of the major challenges faced by Architects and Developers these days, is having a robust specification in place. With increasingly onerous Professional Indemnity insurance requirements, it is key that a high quality, robust and accurate specification is in place to mitigate project risks. The Specification Consultancy team at Rider Levett Bucknall focuses on procurement, design responsibility and relevance of information at the appropriate time, allowing practices to focus on the design, comfortable in the knowledge that the Specification is in safe hands.

We use our global reach, combined with our expertise and local knowledge to deliver tailor made Solutions to Clients through the latest software systems and range of technical services:

  • Specification Business Consultancy
  • Specification Writing
  • Specification Technical Reviews
  • Specification Masters
We are here to listen and understand our clients requirements in order to formulate bespoke and project specific responses to add value to their business

Yusuf Kurrimboccus, Director Gulf States
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Construction Claims & Dispute Resolution

Construction Claims

RLB expertly manages a full spectrum of construction claims. From cost and schedule overruns and performance and payment bond investigations, to quantification of impact and construction defect damages, including;

  • Change order analysis
  • Claims for additional compensation
  • Delay claims and critical path analysis
  • Time and cost analyses related to extended performance
  • Scope and value to complete or repair work
  • Project cost reconciliation and close-out

Dispute Resolution

The complexities and dynamics of today’s construction projects can sometimes create conflicts. RLB provides independent and unbiased expert advice to existing properties and construction projects.

RLB works with various dispute resolution authorities; independent certifiers, initial decision makers, and dispute review board members. We can facilitate dispute resolution through both mediation and arbitration channels to provide clients with the most favourable outcome.

Our team of construction project managers, construction cost managers, claim consultants, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals are experienced in all aspects of property assessment and construction projects, including;

  • Project management
  • Contract administration,
  • Cost consulting
  • Scheduling
  • Forensics
  • Litigation & arbitration support
  • Expert testimony
  • Dispute avoidance, dispute resolution
  • Umpire of Insurance disputes

Handover and Defect Liability Period Management

The handover process can often be a hurried one, as the contractor attempts to fulfil all of his contractual obligations within the agreed programme and little time, if any, assigned for an effective handover. Very often this haste and the lack of effective management during the handover process, results in acceptance of inferior workmanship and poor quality as-built documentation which have a detrimental effect on the ongoing operation of the asset. It is important therefore that a clearly defined handover plan is established, managed, and executed well to achieve a successful project handover.

Clerk of Works and Quality Monitoring

A technically competent Independent third-party inspection advisor helps to protect the Clients interests throughout the construction process. The early appointment of a Clerk of Works or Construction Quality Monitoring Inspector will not only benefit clients in terms of technical experience; they will also have the reassurance that their interests are being safeguarded. RLB assist our clients in ensuring that the Scope of Service offered is defined, agreed and suits the client’s needs.

Move/Churn Management

A move can be required as a response to external/ internal business pressures or as part of a wider business objective. Many organisations are looking to rationalise their property portfolios and utilise their existing administration accommodation more effectively. We understand that good planning, co-ordination and communication are vital in any business move. We can help you formulate and execute a move strategy which reduces downtime to a minimum and engages stakeholders, to make the transition a smooth one.

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