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Seb Davies


Seb Davies


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Sustainability encompasses a wide array of concepts, definitions, and acronyms. This glossary is designed to assist clients, colleagues, industry professionals or enthusiasts, in enhancing their understanding of sustainability and ensuring the use of clear and consistent terminology.

RLB’s Sustainability Glossary will outline how we integrate sustainability as a fundamental component across all industry sectors we engage with, aiding clients in achieving more sustainable outcomes in their projects. Our experts are available to support you at the asset, organisational, and community levels by helping you:

  • Achieve your ESG goals
  • Progress towards net zero for your estate
  • Implement sustainable business strategies
  • Generate measurable social value
  • Mitigate embodied carbon in the built environment

With our extensive expertise and wide range of services, we are equipped to guide you throughout your sustainability journey.

To learn more about our sustainability and carbon services, contact Seb Davies and read more here.