Can digital disrupt the way you think about your assets?

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  • Can digital disrupt the way you think about your assets?
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Syidah Arnold


Syidah Arnold


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RLB Director Syidah Arnold thinks so.

Syidah, a champion of 5D BIM, is not just passionate about the transformative role of digital technology to transform building design – she’s on a mission to help RLB clients make smarter, faster decisions about their existing assets.

Syidah is expanding her remit to oversee RLB’s Asset Advisory Services and will be supported by a stellar team of experts including Sam Bassilious, James Betterridge, Doug Rayment, Moira Swords and Scott Walker.

“With total operating costs often dwarfing initial capital costs, our clients are looking for longer-term strategies to consider the impact of decisions at all points in a property’s lifecycle,” Syidah says.

“Our team, with decades of experience across multiple sectors, can help RLB clients ask and answer the toughest questions around conception, delivery, operation and disposal of built assets – in other words across the full spectrum of asset management.”

RLB’s comprehensive Asset Advisory Services include:

  • Due diligence and asset condition reporting
  • Capital expenditure and lifecycle forecasting
  • Sinking funds
  • Capital allowances and tax depreciation reporting
  • Asset registers
  • Independent certifier role
  • Shared services assessments
  • Defect rectification costings
  • Replacement cost assessments and more

Every asset owner is looking for maximum efficiency for the longest time and at the lowest cost. Today there are a range of digital tools to help you make the right decisions – and RLB can help you assess and adopt the right tools to achieve brilliant outcomes tomorrow.

To explore how RLB can assist you with asset goals, please reach out to Syidah Arnold for a confidential discussion.