Crane activity crowds Auckland skyline

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Chris Haines


Chris Haines


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Auckland has 33 cranes dotting its skyline, proving the construction sector is in full swing.

Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) has released the Q4 2015 RLB Crane Index®, which highlights continued expansion of the New Zealand economy, with Auckland and Christchurch adding several cranes to their skylines during the past six months.

Index highlights positive sentiment

The RLB Crane Index® tracks the number of cranes in the significant centres of mainland New Zealand. The crane count provides a good, simple indication of new building activity as well as general economic activity in each of these locations.

Auckland Director, Chris Haines remarked, ‘The Q4 2015 RLB Crane Index has identified a total of 79 cranes across New Zealand – an increase from the 72 identified six months ago.

Commercial and multi-storey residential heating up

He said that out of the 79 cranes erected across the country, the two most buoyant sectors are commercial (51% of all cranes used), and multi-storey residential (28% of all cranes used).

Housing fills Auckland skyline with cranes

‘The number of residential cranes has risen in Auckland from 12 to 17 since our last Index, with the commencement of ten new residential projects across the city providing a positive indicator on the strength of the residential sector,’ he added.

Cranes in use

  • Auckland 33
  • Christchurch 31
  • Dunedin 1
  • Hamilton 2
  • Queenstown 3
  • Wellington 9

About the RLB Crane Index

The RLB Crane Index® is published biannually in Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, North America and Southern Africa. The index tracks the number of fixed cranes in major cities across these markets, and provides a good indication of the current state of the construction industry’s workload.