Awards and applause for winning environmental and social governance projects

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Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) has built our strong reputation with the help of outstanding people who use their unique skills and talents to bring imagination to life. RLB’s CSR Awards, launched in 2021, recognise the contribution of our people to corporate social responsibility and their commitment to the communities we serve.

RLB Global Board Member Eric Fong commended the efforts of every RLB employee involved.

The initiatives show that employees at every level of the firm are prepared to lead by example to create a better tomorrow. Thank you to all entrants for your participation and inputs and congratulations to the 2022 winners.

Candy Wong, Hong Kong, China

Zheng Sheng Centre is a home to rehabilitate young people and adults suffering from drug addiction. The RLB team in Hong Kong participated in an activity of Hongkong Land Home Fund to provide voluntary quantity surveying services for completion of a significant upgrade that opened a new chapter for the Centre and renewed hope for the residents. The project was delivered with sustainability at its core.

James Gibson, Fiona Eburne and RLB in Birmingham employees, United Kingdom

Birmingham Children’s Trust is the single biggest provider of children’s services in Europe. But in recent years the Trust has been hampered by a lack of investment. James and Fiona arranged for RLB in Birmingham employees to complete repairs to their care homes to directly benefit the children who use them.

Christina Rosenberger, San Francisco, North America

“Chairity” is an annual event where creative volunteers auction off their designs, mostly made of repurposed or upcycled materials, to raise money for the community. In 2022 Christina led the RLB team raising funds for the Friends of the Urban Forest, Hamilton Families, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, and Project Color Corps.

RLB in Shanghai employees, China

RLB in Shanghai employees participated in community aid during the city’s lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Serving a total of 457 hours, they helped administer testing, distributed antigen test kits and daily necessities to neighbours, and disinfected public areas.

RLB in New South Wales, Australia Lifeblood Team, Australia

A single blood donation can save up to three lives. RLB in New South Wales has set up an Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Australia Team, to donate blood, plasma, or platelets. The team donate together to provide support for colleagues and to build camaraderie.

Eric concluded:

“The global CSR awards showcase the inspiring work of RLB colleagues and improve awareness of corporate social responsibility across our offices. It is great to see so many employees submitting their entries and the great ideas implemented and supported. Congratulations everyone for taking part.”


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