Embracing the spirit of Ramadan in the UAE

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  • Embracing the spirit of Ramadan in the UAE
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A significant event in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan takes place in the ninth month in the Islamic (lunar) calendar.

It begins and ends with the appearance of a new moon and is a time for observers of the Islamic faith to abstain from food and drink during daylight hours as a symbol of self-control and as a reminder of those who do not have adequate food, water, and shelter. The holy month of Ramadan is also a time to reflect on one’s blessings and to help others through acts of charity.

RLB offices in Dubai and Qatar embrace the spirit of Ramadan each year by gathering for a traditional Iftar – a symbolic evening meal where communities gather to feast, thereby breaking the day’s fast, while enjoying each other’s company.

Before RLB’s Dubai office gathered for Iftar this year, RLB employees packed 400 boxes of grocery essentials which were then delivered to construction labourers in the city, doubling last year’s efforts where 200 food boxes were delivered to those in need.

Every year, Ramadan serves as an important reminder to think of those who need a helping hand in our communities. Packing these food boxes to give to construction labourers in our city is just one small way we can give back to our construction community and embrace the spirit of Ramadan.

Martina Grubisa, HR Manager at RLB

Watch a short video of Sam Graham, Managing Director at RLB, as he explains why taking part in this Ramadan box appeal is so important to a company like Rider Levett Bucknall.