Asset Optimisation


Our experienced team delivers a broad range of services across different building types and sectors. Our breadth and depth of commercial awareness and expertise ensures we are enhancing the value and use of built assets.

Asset Optimisation

We have extensive experience in asset optimisation which can lead to benefits in the efficient use of space, asset data capture to facilitate knowledge and focus on planned maintenance programmes, statutory compliance, and control and optimisation of expenditure.

Pre-Acquisition Surveys and Due Diligence

Pre-acquisition and technical due diligence surveys are generally commissioned by an individual or organisation contemplating the purchase of an interest in a property, whether leasehold or freehold, to determine factors that would influence the basic decision regarding suitability, the eventual purchase price and the works required to ensure that it is fit for the intended purpose. Our reporting formats are clear and concise, tailored to meet our individual client’s requirements.

If redevelopment is the aspiration driving the acquisition of a property, RLB can also undertake a technical feasibility study, to help our clients understand the options available to them and the implications of each.

Condition Surveys & Strategic Asset Management

Assets require regular maintenance in order to stay operational and in good condition. If they are not adequately maintained, they can fall into disrepair relatively quickly and create a significant financial burden if not attended to. A condition survey is a systematic process of close examination of the condition of civil and MEP elements, culminating in a report detailing the findings of the investigation. With a greater understanding of the condition of your individual assets, an accurate picture of the overall health of a property portfolio can be formed and the necessary preventative measures taken to protect the value of your investments.

Our building surveyors have an in-depth knowledge of construction and specialise in defect diagnosis and remediation, so they are uniquely suited to report accurately on the condition of your asset and the associated risks. Our condition survey instructions can be complimented by our cost estimation services, putting a monetary sum to the elements in disrepair.

Defect Analysis and Remedy

RLB has extensive experience of building construction, which is essential for the correct identification of the defect, its cause and remedy options. We regularly use some of the latest technology to assist with the defect pathology, including infra-red cameras, borescopes and drones.

WiredScore and SmartScore Consultancy

Used by leading landlords across the globe, the WiredScore certification assesses digital connectivity in commercial real estate. It empowers building owners to understand, improve, benchmark and promote their building’s digital infrastructure. A SmartScore certification identifies best-in-class smart buildings that deliver exceptional user experiences, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability, and are fully future-ready.

RLB’s WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited team can help asset owners understand and improve the user functionalities and technological foundations of their buildings. As WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professionals, we are qualified to manage the end-to-end certification process, working with the WiredScore and SmartScore teams, to achieve certification for your building while minimising the workload placed on you.

KSA-Institute of Diplomatic Studies
We combine our intimate knowledge of regional markets and international expertise to deliver a service which provides strategic solutions, catered to your specific asset requirements.

Nick Constantine, Head of Asset Optimisation
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During the period of a commercial lease, tenants are obliged to comply with repairing, statutory and redecoration obligations. We regularly act for both landlords and tenants. Tenant’s Representation – In today’s property market leasehold relationships between landlords and tenants require informed choices to be made regarding liability for dilapidations and service charge. Prospective and existing tenants of property should take proper advice when contemplating lease negotiations to enable the most advantageous agreements to be made.

Estates Rationalisation and Space Planning

A specialist service offered to owners and occupiers on strategic, macro and micro scales to maximise use of their accommodation. Based on a process of data capture including: – furniture, staffing, team numbers, spatial relationships, preparing of detailed CAD plans, 3D modelling and pre-churn planning. Estate rationalisation can bring benefits to organisations with legacy land and property assets or expanding property requirements. A well-developed estates strategy can identify where efficiencies, income generators or capital receipts can be realised across the public and private sector.

Healthcare & Education Surveys

Healthcare Surveys

Mirroring global best practice in the UK, we offer this service to our healthcare clients in this region who wish to demonstrate a level of excellence that differentiates them from others. Our healthcare surveys are integral to facilitate a client’s understanding of the condition of the estate and its operational efficiencies. The outputs from the survey provide a sound basis for clients to have strategic and operational discussions on property issues and are a must for any strategic planning. These surveys are essential for Clients with complex estates, multiple use requirements and a need to drive improvements in their business through developing more suitable, less costly and more sustainable estates solutions. These surveys cover all key data required for clients to make informed decisions.

Education Surveys

We recognise that the education sector in this region is challenging and very competitive. Education facilities need to be safe spaces and have the appearance of being well managed, in order to attract students. Asset condition plays a huge part in this. The better quality the condition of the asset, the more favourably parents and students will look upon the school or university. Due to the highly competitive nature of this sector, it is vital that there is a comprehensive asset strategy in place which incorporates robust financial planning. Our specialised education surveys will provide valuable information on physical condition, statutory compliance, safety, space utilisation and suitability, all of which will strengthen the effectiveness of the asset strategy. In addition to collecting our own condition data, we will assess your deferred maintenance activities, to help formulate a capital expenditure plan that utilises schools’ funds efficiently, whilst maintaining the quality of your facilities.