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Project Management & Employer's Representative

Project Management

Project Management & Employer's Representative

At RLB, we work tirelessly to achieve your cost, quality, and program goals. Our bespoke solutions ensure clear building briefs, efficient project processes, and effective master programs.

We select the right design team and implement suitable procurement strategies, oversee the design process, and provide structured change control. With expert cost advice, administration of construction contracts, and organised project and site meetings, your project is in capable hands. Our proactive risk management, customised reporting, and thorough project commissioning ensure a seamless handover to you.

With a deep understanding of the design process, we blend solid management techniques with creativity, tailoring our scope to your project's needs. Our integrated personnel act as a link, addressing queries and facilitating solutions.

The power of precision: design team selection and procurement strategies

In the tapestry of a project's evolution, precision is paramount. Our role as an Employer's Representative is to curate the perfect ensemble for your project. We meticulously select the right design team, ensuring that their expertise resonates with your vision. Our procurement strategies are equally tailored, ensuring that the journey from ideation to realisation is marked by efficiency and insight.

Stewarding creativity: overseeing the design process

Creativity is at the heart of construction, and our task is to steward creativity towards tangible excellence. We oversee the design process, ensuring that every stroke of creativity aligns with your project's objectives and aspirations. Our structured change control mechanisms serve as guardians, ensuring that deviations are purposeful and aligned.

Expertise meets pragmatism: construction contracts and administration

Construction contracts are more than just documents; they're the conduits of progress. With expert cost advice and meticulous administration of construction contracts, we ensure that your project journey is as seamless as possible. Organised project and site meetings are paramount to fostering communication, insight-sharing, and progress tracking.

The pillar of foresight: risk management and reporting

Risk is a constant companion in construction. Our risk management strategies are designed to anticipate, assess, and mitigate, ensuring that your project remains on course. Customised reporting further amplifies transparency, offering you insights that empower informed decision-making.

Handover excellence: thorough project commissioning

With thoroughness as our mantra, we navigate the commissioning process with diligence. Every aspect is scrutinised, every detail assessed, culminating in a seamless handover that echoes with excellence.

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Providing a highly regarded curriculum education

The new sixth form hub for DESC included 1500m2 of structural alterations and refurbishment.



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