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Kia ora tātou – haere mai, nau mai, and welcome to the Rider Levett Bucknall Property Council New Zealand Property Industry Awards.

2023 has been a year to reflect.

Although the industry is in a vastly difference place than it was three years ago, it would be remiss to not describe those years as unusual, to say the least. It is therefore a credit to you all that we are once again celebrating these terrific projects and the significant benefits to Aotearoa New Zealand’s built environment.

For more than a quarter of a century now, the construction industry has come together each year to celebrate our achievements. It’s not always easy, and not always as profitable as it should be. Supply chain issues, adequate resourcing, and availability of materials are a constant source of concern for a small island nation at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

This is why this annual celebration of our joint achievements is so important. We all work together against the odds – and win. And these important awards are proof of that. Last year at these awards I spoke about the positivity we witnessed over difficult times, and the hard work we saw in this industry in response. It is great to see that continue.

It is also fantastic that so many in our construction and property industry are now prioritising sustainability. Climate change cannot be ignored, and the shift towards sustainable development is a positive one. Of course, a strong financial margin is crucial for growth, but those leading the way deserve our fullest congratulations. Future generations will appreciate the urgency that we are all now sensing and acting upon.

As we go forward, I am quite sure the future will be different to what we might have envisioned 20 years ago, 10 years ago, or even three years ago. But I know that the people behind the projects showcased will ensure it is remarkable.

RLB continues to be extremely proud to sponsor this very special event. We celebrate and honour all the nominees, the finalists, and award–winners.

I also acknowledge the esteemed judges for their careful, thoughtful, and considered efforts selecting winning projects from a fabulous assortment. We appreciate your hard work and contribution to these important awards.

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