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Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) is pleased to announce the promotion of key personnel in Australia.

Liam Harrison – Director, South Australia

Since joining RLB in 2002, Liam has brought effective, multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration to project teams across the commercial, defence, entertainment and sport, education, and healthcare industries. He has consulted on projects of state significance such as the Adelaide Oval redevelopment and the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and has led complex multi-phase healthcare projects. He is currently an integral member of the New Women’s and Children’s Hospital Project.

Sephton Wolmarans – Director, Australian Capital Territory

Sephton is widely regarded for his work in healthcare, data centre and education sectors as well as government fit-out projects. Sephton also has proven management skills which are highly transferrable for his new role gained in previous companies. His deep expertise across all domains of cost management and quantity surveying includes high-profile projects such as Canberra Data Centre portfolio projects, Australian High Commissions, the Canberra Hospital Expansion Project and the Canberra Theatre Redevelopment.

Kenny Ho Fi – Senior Associate, Victoria

Since joining RLB in 2018, Kenny has delivered strong outcomes across the healthcare, research, education, defence, roads, rail, and water supply sectors with projects including Caulfield Village Precinct 3, CSL Banksia, NewQuay West, Public Housing Renewal Program and Suburban Roads Upgrade. Kenny’s analytical skills enable him to deliver comprehensive risk assessments and value management services.

Sophie Ignatidis – Senior Associate, Victoria

Since joining RLB in 2004, Sophie has specialised in pre-contract cost planning and estimating, and has been recognised for her astute skills in tender analysis. In post-contract roles, she provides construction phase progress and financial reporting services to various clients. Sophie is a member of RLB’s Training Committee.

Shane Kelly – Senior Associate, Victoria

With over fifteen years’ experience in Australia and Europe, Shane has played a pivotal role in numerous major projects since joining RLB in 2012. His ability to understand and fulfill clients’ quality, time, and cost objectives has led to the establishment of successful relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Stephen Peters – Senior Associate, Victoria

With experience on major infrastructure projects such as Northeast Link and Sydney Metro, Stephen is an advocate for incorporating BIM into estimating and developing software-driven solutions for digital file integration. He specialises in BIM technology, risk modelling, and life-cycle costing, with over ten years of expertise across pre-contract and post-contract phases.

Josh Rawling – Senior Associate, Victoria

Since joining RLB as a cadet in 2010, Josh has excelled in lead cost-planning roles on significant projects for clients such as Lendlease and Vicinity. Josh’s ability to comfortably integrate with project teams to provide accurate and tailored service makes him an asset to clients.

Luis Rivera – Senior Associate, Victoria

With more than 20 years’ experience, Luis initially joined RLB in 2000. After nearly 12 years in project management roles with reputable firms, he returned to RLB in 2018. Luis has worked with diverse clients, from government bodies to private developers and financial institutions. Noteworthy recent projects include QVM Munro, Caulfield Village Northern Precinct, Home Southbank and 80 Collins.

David Van der Staal – Senior Associate, Victoria

A highly skilled construction professional with over 20 years’ experience, David provides accurate cost advice and control spanning the entire project lifecycle. Specialising in contract administration, he has worked on significant projects such as Collins Arch and West Side Place. Since joining RLB in 1998, David has also delivered proprietary software and staff development initiatives.

Samantha Anile – Business Development & Marketing Manager, Victoria

Working closely with the Victorian Board of Directors, Samantha plays a crucial role in shaping RLB in Victoria’s new business strategy and refining its marketing efforts. With a keen understanding of strategic planning and marketing principles, Samantha ensures alignment between organisational objectives and external messaging, driving RLB in Victoria’s growth trajectory with precision and effectiveness.

Ziqi Chen – Associate, Australian Capital Territory

Since joining RLB in 2014, Ziqi has gained experience in a variety of projects including embassies and high commissions, government fit outs, health, data centres and education facilities. An early adopter of BIM, Ziqi has advanced skills in assessing the model risk and extracting information to provide accurate cost advice.

Stephen Clarke – Associate (Health Lead), Victoria

With more than 17 years’ experience Stephen is committed to advancing the role of quantity surveying to deliver superior client outcomes. His recent role as a cost manager for the Victorian Heart Hospital underscores his exceptional leadership and communication skills. He excels in meeting challenging targets and deadlines while fostering a supportive team environment.

Spiro Blasis – Associate, Victoria

Spiro is a proactive quantity surveyor with expertise in cost planning and post-contract management. Known for his meticulous approach, Spiro ensures projects stay within budget without compromising quality. Specialising in Build to Rent, he has successfully delivered projects in Melbourne. With a focus on fair outcomes and effective communication, Spiro is an asset for project success.

Jack Burns – Associate, Victoria

Since joining RLB in 2019, Jack has consistently delivered a unique blend of technical skill and engineering expertise. With extensive quantity surveying and cost management experience across the commercial and mixed-use sectors, his ability to build strong relationships makes him an invaluable member of the project team.

Tom Chalk – Associate, Victoria

With more than seven years’ experience as a quantity surveyor, Tom brings invaluable expertise in the cost planning and management of diverse projects from residential towers to commercial offices. He has a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach within design teams. Tom’s collaborative nature and commitment to client satisfaction make him a trusted asset in delivering high-quality service.

Rose Chan – Associate, Victoria

With more than 15 years’ experience in construction, Rose brings a collaborative approach to every project. Her expertise in cost planning and value management delivers economic benefits without sacrificing quality. Since joining RLB in 2005, she has led key projects such as the Next Hotel Melbourne, earning praise for her dedication.

Bianca Christensen – Associate, Victoria

Since joining RLB in 2016, Bianca has delivered pre- and post-contract roles, including cost planning, documentation review, and value management across a diverse range of project sectors. Her proactive approach to communication has contributed to the advancement of staff development initiatives, and the forging of strong relationships with stakeholders and colleagues.

Jordan Howland – Associate, Victoria

Since joining RLB in 2015, Jordan’s specialisation in the entertainment and sport sectors has led him to contributing to iconic Melbourne projects such as the transformation of Melbourne Park and the Art Centre. Jordan’s support for RLB’s in-house software development has enhanced efficiency and client deliverables.

Adrian Magee – Associate (Engineering Services & Renewables), Western Australia

Adrian has gained extensive experience in the commercial construction and infrastructure sectors. He is recognised for minimising costs and enhancing value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality in data centres, the renewable energy sector, commercial, road, rail, and marine projects.

Andrew McNally – Associate, Victoria

With over 16 years’ experience, Andrew joined RLB in 2019. He specialises in cost planning and post-contract management and has contributed to projects such as Combustible Cladding Remediation and Burwood One. His diverse experience spans site engineering, management accounting and international project delivery.

Sumira Munasinghe – Associate, Queensland

Sumira brings more than 15 years of private and public sector experience to his new position with strong sector expertise in health, commercial, residential and infrastructure. He has led pre- and post-contract work on a range of complex projects throughout Australia and the Middle East.

Carlo Savellano – Associate, Western Australia

Joining RLB in Perth in 2015, Carlo has made significant contributions to a wide variety of construction projects including health, public and civic, residential, commercial, retail, streetscape, and industrial developments, with his experience in civil infrastructure.

Tom Scanlan – Associate, Queensland

Tom leverages his expertise across a wide range of projects throughout Queensland to deliver robust services that balance the cost and quality requirements of his clients. Commencing with RLB as a cadet, he has worked on diverse project teams across Queensland and abroad as part of RLB’s Global Experience Exchange Program, gaining skills in various areas of the quantity surveying profession.

Daniel Sokolovich – Associate, Victoria

Joining RLB in 2014, Daniel specialises in both pre- and post-contract works across the retail and mixed-use sectors. A key contributor known for his efficiency and proactive approach as a quantity surveyor, Daniel has gained valuable experience in Development Management and Property Finance Consulting, refining his skills in property due diligence and feasibility analysis.

Matthew Thompson – Associate, Victoria

Joining RLB in 2017, Matthew excels in infrastructure projects and new technologies. With expertise in estimating and contract analysis, he navigates complex developments with ease. Matthew’s adaptability shines through challenges such as the Port Campbell Pedestrian Bridge, when construction took place during the pandemic.

Winnie Warnes – Associate, Australian Capital Territory

Winnie has worked in the property and construction industry since joining RLB as a student in 2003. Since graduating from university, she has gained extensive experience in a variety of projects both locally and overseas, managing pre-contract and post-contract quantity surveying services on projects ranging from less than $1 million to over $600 million.


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