Oval Hotel: A stadium hotel at the heart of the action

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  • Oval Hotel: A stadium hotel at the heart of the action
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John Drillis


John Drillis


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A one-of-a-kind experience for sports fans is open for business, and RLB is proud to have played a role in bringing imagination to life.

Dubbed Adelaide’s most hotly-anticipated travel destination, the Oval Hotel at the iconic Adelaide Oval features 128 rooms and new dining experiences including Five Regions Restaurant and Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen.

Constructed as a ‘pod,’ the innovative hotel structure seamlessly integrates with the Eastern Stadium façade. Hotel rooms, nestled within two new wings on either side of the existing Stadium East Gate, are linked by an elevated foyer and lounge pod with stunning views of the Cathedral Hotel and city parklands.

The stadium’s existing eastern atrium and plaza, which open onto the vast parklands, remain unchanged and provide a welcoming entrance. The low impact design did not impede stadium operations or patron experience during the construction phase, with the extensive offsite prefabrication built with South Australian steel.

John Drillis, RLB’s Managing Director, says his team is ‘very proud of our long association with the Adelaide Oval’.

‘In 2014, RLB provided our expertise to the visionary Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority Limited during the fast-tracked stadium redevelopment. This project transformed the Adelaide Oval into one of the most advanced stadiums at that time. The project delivered a seating capacity of 53,500 while maintaining the stadium’s renowned grass hill viewing space.

‘The addition of Oval Hotel brings a new layer of experience to sports fans, while boosting South Australia’s economy and providing new revenue streams for the Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority,’ John adds.

While Oval Hotel is yet to operate at full capacity, both locals and visitors are already delighting in this dynamic drawcard for Adelaide. Whether the Adelaide Oval is hosting test cricket or a Christmas pageant, the Oval Hotel is at the heart of the action.