The RLB programming team is celebrating its 1st birthday!

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  • The RLB programming team is celebrating its 1st birthday!
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Carly McIver​​​​


Carly McIver​​​​


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We’ve been involved in some fantastic projects, from Qatar to Queensland, working with great teams and for great clients, and we would like to thank you all for your support over the past year.

But we’re not done yet. Neal and Mark are passionate about improving the quality of time management in the industry, and are confident that they can make a real difference to your projects.

Time is money, so it makes absolute sense for RLB to provide you with the ability to manage both cost and time, delivering tangible benefits for you in terms of saving time on your projects and most importantly, saving money.

Early engagement of RLB to manage cost and time, provides you with an enhanced cost management service as well as improved time-related project outcomes.

If you would like us to help manage the time risks on your next project, please get in touch.


Carly McIver​​​​
Carly McIver​​​​

Head of Marketing & Communications