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Tender Preparation and Procurement Advice

Construction is complex – and so too are the decisions that your project teams must make. We help by providing you with expert advice on the most suitable tender fit for you, be it traditional, design-and-build, negotiated, or two-stage tendering.

With our global network, we ensure your project's commercial success by offering personalised procurement advice, even procuring materials on your behalf, with the aim of making your tendering process seamless and effective.

Detailed bills and schedules

Meticulous planning is the cornerstone of precise construction. Through comprehensive preparation, we develop detailed bills/schedules of quantities or rates. These meticulously crafted documents serve as the bedrock for your tendering process, ensuring a strong foundation for the successful execution of your project.

Bid document mastery

Effective communication hinges on meticulously crafted bid materials. Our documents resonate with clarity, effortlessly conveying your project's essence to tendering contractors. These documents stand as cornerstones, fostering key understanding and facilitating a streamlined bidding process.

Procurement consultation

Project procurement is a delicate dance. Our skilled experts guide you through each step, offering advice that matches your project's vision and objectives. This guidance ensures every move aligns seamlessly for a synchronised and successful procurement process.

Tender review, interview and contractor suitability

Received tenders are more than numbers; they are potential partnerships. We review tenders, reconciling them to your budget, and offer recommendations that illuminate the path to the perfect contractor. Tender interviews are the culmination of your project's aspirations. With our presence, these interviews become platforms for meaningful dialogue, forging connections with contractors that echo your project's ethos. Every contractor is a piece in your project's puzzle. Our advice guides you in assessing contractor suitability, ensuring that bids align with capabilities.

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Dubai Hills Estate will feature low-rise and mid-rise residences, hotels and serviced hotel apartments as well as a commercial centre and high-end retail centres.



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