RLB releases BIM Guidance Protocol Part 3: External Guide for Project Management

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  • RLB releases BIM Guidance Protocol Part 3: External Guide for Project Management
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Released today, RLB BIM Guidance Protocol Part 3: External Guide for Project Management is part of a suite of documents aimed at clients, designers and project managers. This document accompanies RLB BIM Guidance Protocol Part 1: A Guide for Clients and Designers previously released, which outlines tasks and processes to be undertaken by clients and designers, allowing RLB to extract quantities efficiently from BIM files.

Embracing BIM and supporting the change

Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) has embraced Building Information Modelling (BIM) and is working within a BIM environment across all of our service areas.

To support this change in our working environment, RLB has developed its own in-house software (ROSS 5D, Pulse, RLB Focus) to interface with BIM files created by the different software used by designers and consultants, to provide better quality services for our clients.

Providing guidance

RLB’s dedicated Global Digital Advancement Committee has created Protocol Part 3 to serve as guidance in adopting BIM in project management service delivery. The Protocol sets out what BIM is, the legal obligations, client obligations and the obligations of project managers together with information on how a typical design team uses BIM. It also gives direction on BIM execution plans, handover requirements, RLB’s approach to BIM, 4D programming and a client checklist.

Greater value to clients and projects

As an industry leader, RLB has both the knowledge and expertise to contribute to projects throughout all phases, from concept design to facility management.

Our vast experience includes working with architects, engineers and facility managers, across a variety of platforms and BIM software.

RLB is confident effective collaboration across the project team can provide greater value to our clients and projects.

RLB BIM Guidance Protocol Part 3: External Guide for Project Management

RLB BIM Guidance Protocol Part 1: A guide for clients and designers