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Andrew Suttie


Andrew Suttie


CSR , People & Culture
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RLB is excited to be Program Sponsor for the 2019 Mentoring Program.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency reported that in 2017 only 17% of all Australian construction employees were female which tells us within an industry of potential skills shortages there is a significant opportunity for improvement.

Across Australia, RLB has had involvement with secondary and tertiary programs to introduce young women to our company and the property and construction industry in general. We hope to encourage young women to select STEM subjects at school and explore the many rewarding careers that our industry has to offer.

We are not only interested in the next generation of workers, we want to ensure RLB are ‘on point’ and that our current female workforce are as equally empowered to reach their full potential as their male colleagues.

At RLB our focus is on ‘people orientated culture’ – diversity, equality and inclusion, but not solely driven by gender percentages. Creating opportunity for people regardless of gender, age, physical ability/disability, or ethnic background is our approach. Embracing difference and providing flexibility to create a productive, happy and collaborative workplace.

We are keen to not only sponsor this program, but to also be involved. We feel the true value of this sponsorship is the opportunity for us as an employer, to also learn and grow.

The Art of Mentoring Growspace for Women requires commitment in terms of time, effort and communication. We will encourage our female and male employees to participate as mentors and mentees.

Programs such as this provide a platform for personal growth and education and positively influence workplace cultures. They bring conversations to the forefront and challenge the norm for a better and more balanced tomorrow.

Andrew Suttie
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