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Mark Bendotti


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We recently provided pro-bono cost advice to two charities in Western Australia, to assist them in their respective causes and the projects being championed, including Fremantle Sea Rescue Training Centre and Innes Place – Disability Project.

Fremantle Sea Rescue Training Centre

Owned by the Department of Transport, Fremantle Sea Rescue Training Centre has been leased to Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue Group for the past 25 years.

With the lease due to expire, the organisation is looking at repurposing the building to accommodate a classroom training facility.

RLB provided strategic advice to better forecast capital expenditures and to provide detailed cost data to assist in planning.

Innes Place – Disability Project

The team in WA recently undertook advisory services to Foundation Housing to help the charity succeed in their mission to provide affordable housing for people in need.

RLB prepared an independent opinion of costs for three civil and housing construction projects to meet the requirements of disability support provider ‘Nulsen’.

The overall project consisted of:

  • A designed and built-for-purpose four-bedroom home (circa 650 square metres land area)
  • A large five-bedroom shared house (circa 900 square metres land area) with high-end specification upfront to NDIS Platinum Standard
  • Three strata units (circa 650 square metres total land area) to NDIS Gold Standard

Mark Bendotti, Managing Director of RLB in Perth said ‘It was a pleasure to assist an organisation that keeps the many users of the Fremantle Metropolitan Waters safe and to allow Foundation Housing to carry on driving positive outcomes for its beneficiaries.’