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Peter Tulla


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Peter Tulla, Director of RLB in South Australia participated in his fifth Variety Bash earlier this month.

The 2018 SA Variety Bash was the 30th Anniversary of the event. Commencing in 1989, it is one of the most extraordinary charity fundraisers, with over $40 million raised for children in need in South Australia.

The City to the Sea 2018 Bash started in Adelaide with 97 cars travelling 2,420 kilometres over eight days, stopping in Port Victoria, Wallaroo, Jamestown, Hawker, Beltana, Marree, William Creek, Coober Pedy, North Well Station, Pondanna Outstation, Kimba, Tumby Bay, and finishing in Port Lincoln.

Apart from the distribution of funds raised throughout the year, the ‘bashers’ distribute grants, scholarships and fund events for kids in need and their families, not to mention the injection of thousands of dollars to local communities, as the bash passes through regional communities purchasing fuel, accommodation, meals and supplies.

Peter Tulla was one of eight ‘Mexicans’ who travelled in ‘Car MEX’ – a 1982 Ford XE, and ‘Car 27’ – a 1979 Holden Kingswood. Sharing the driving were crew and business colleagues Martin Potter, Phil Hutt, Susan Gurry, Peter Feeney, David Loftus, Darren Binney, Alex Cook, and Peter Basedow.

Together with his fellow crew, Peter raised more than $55,000 for Variety to support the 2018 bash, with $5,000 in corporate support from RLB across Australia.

The RLB team in South Australia also hosted multiple business casual days raising funds to support the Mexicans in their quest to assist Variety in raising funds for children in need.

Peter said ‘It’s a great way to mix a significant fundraising effort for a great charity with having fun with a great bunch of people, and going to remote locations in our great country that most people don’t get the opportunity to see.’

The 2018 City to Sea SA Variety Bash achieved an amazing fundraising effort of $1.76 million.