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RLB in Victoria is going through some exciting changes and is pleased to announce new appointments to its senior leadership team. Each person has been recognised for consistently delivering high standards of excellence, and contributing to our success.

We congratulate each on their prospective role, and look forward to this new generation of leaders.

Image left to right: Arif Uzay (Director), Shelley Rogers (Associate), Richard Price (Associate), Brendan Young (Associate) and Natasha Carter (Director)

Natasha Carter – Director

Since 1999, Natasha has provided RLB clients with in-depth cost management services with a detailed understanding and technical competence in all facets of conceptual estimating, value management and tender evaluation.

Natasha’s broad construction and buildability knowledge within the key industry sectors across Australia, enables her to provide accurate and efficient cost advice.

By understanding client goals, Natasha ensures that development decisions are made with the most accurate and appropriate advice available. Her expertise has been used in cost leadership roles in recent billion-dollar multi-use developments in Brisbane and Perth.

Natasha puts a high value on exceptional open communication, ensuring that RLB’s clients are empowered by quality, timely and accurate information, thereby enabling key client decisions to be made with confidence.

Arif Uzay – Director

Joining RLB in 2002, Arif has developed a meticulous and detailed working methodology to his cost planning tasks. His management style is inclusive and creates motivated and productive internal work teams that provide timely and accurate information to clients.

Arif has extensive experience in providing services for both the government and the private sector. He demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of all facets of quantity surveying, financial and cost management, and specialises in conceptual estimating, cost planning and project procurement.

Arif also has a keen interest in education and training. He is responsible for internal training within the Melbourne office, and is associated with various universities within our graduate recruitment and education program.

Richard Price – Associate

Richard is a highly-qualified and skilled Engineering Services Manager who brings knowledge and practical experience to all aspects of his role at RLB. For over 18 years he has worked on a range of major, complex projects in Australia and in the United Kingdom. He has gained significant specialist knowledge in the cost management of all facets of building services.

Joining RLB in 2007, Richard recently became Manager of the Building Engineering Services team. He offers input into the type of systems to be employed within the project to ensure that the optimum solution is achieved in terms of meeting the project brief and value for money.

Shelley Rogers – Associate

Since joining RLB in 2008, Shelley has provided quantity surveying services spanning a broad range of industry sectors. Her pre-contract experience involves cost planning and estimating services for projects ranging from early concept planning through to the detailed design phase.

In addition to her cost management expertise, Shelley provides asset advisory services to building owners and operators. She has played a key role in the RLB Advisory team and has extensive experience in life-cycle costing, feasibility studies, insurance estimating, technical due diligence reporting and preparation of Owners Corporation maintenance plans.

Shelley demonstrates a commitment to achieving deadlines and satisfying client requirements with a positive approach.

Brendan Young – Associate

Brendan is a highly skilled and qualified construction professional who brings expertise and enthusiasm to his role at RLB. He continues to produce quality quantity surveying services to clients and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of all key disciplines.

Since joining RLB in 2007, Brendan has been exposed to a diverse range of projects across various industry sectors, and has proven himself to be thorough and diligent in all tasks. In his new role, Brendan’s primary responsibilities involve the preparation of concept stage estimates through to detailed trade estimates.

Brendan has a particular focus on benchmarking projects of a similar nature and using that data to drive ‘value for money’ outcomes for our clients.