Meet our People



The people at RLB don’t just make our place.

They make, evolve and improve our built environment around the world – whether that’s the iconic Sydney Opera House, the game-changing London 2012 Olympic facilities, FC Barcelona’s new stadium or the luxurious Four Seasons Hong Kong.

We are a community of dedicated people working around the world to bring imagination to life. Let us introduce to you some of our exceptional talents.

From the Hong Kong office to the Shenyang office, from a surveyor rookie to a young professional, RLB enables me to develop my career and gain invaluable experience in different markets. In this magical cradle, the growth and rewards I got in return were always greater than expected. I am so lucky to have chosen RLB to pursue my career.
Chris Kwong, Deputy Director, Shenyang
At RLB, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to seize new technologies to drive changes while holding fast to our global vision. I’m honoured to be a WELL building certification faculty member, and a member of RLB’s Global Digital Advancement Committee to explore BIM and develop the digitalisation of our works.
Molly Wu, Associate, Shanghai
You can never be too young or too old with RLB – as long as you have the passion, stamina and indomitable spirit to learn new things and force exciting challenges, then RLB is the way to go.
Silvano R. Halago, Senior Business Development Manager, Philippines
RLB has given me opportunities to work in different departments: in Advisory Services; as an MEP Quantity Surveyor; and as a senior Project Manager, over the past 12 years. I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree and the diverse opportunities have provided me with valuable technical knowledge and skill sets to deal with different clients and consultants, to ensure projects are delivered on schedule and within budget.
Aaron Foong, Project Director, Singapore
Being with RLB has not only refined my professional practice but has helped me define the value I aspire to create. With RLB’s diverse specialisation units, I was given the opportunity to further my interest in BIM and digital solutions - allowing me to share the latest digital knowledge and capabilities throughout our organisation.
Andrea Lau, QS Digital Lead, Singapore