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Advances in mobile and data technology, automation and artificial intelligence, higher tenants’ expectations and environmental sustainability are all transforming how people work, and where they work. In response, the commercial real estate sector is reinventing office design.

While commercial office users are wanting their office space to remain agile and reduce costs, they also want space that connects people, fosters creativity and collaboration, and enhances human health, productivity and performance.

We have worked on a wide range of commercial projects, from high-end new builds, refurbishments, and mixed-use projects, to asset management strategies for international property portfolios. We help our clients assess their asset lifecycle, optimise designs and identify the best value drivers.

Fresh perspectives and flawless execution

As our clients reimagine the office, RLB balances capital and lifecycle costs, customer experiences and competitive advantages.

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Technology transforming the office

The World Economic Forum estimates that nearly half of all task hours will be carried out by machines by 2022, leaving humans to the work that matters most – like connecting with customers and creative problem solving. An exciting office evolution is coming, as we realise productivity, performance and profit is tied to space. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, technology is enhancing the office experience with sensors and intelligent systems, mobile apps and machine learning, smoothing out pain points and creating places where people can do their best work. We also leverage Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology to deliver cost effective design.

Agile and adaptive spaces

As the market gears up for automation, artificial intelligence and the gig economy, owners and developers are looking to design their assets in the most efficient way in order to stay competitive in the market. RLB has played a key role in assisting owners and developers in achieving their aspirations at the cutting edge of the commercial sector.

Sustainability is a smart investment

Around the world, investors are demanding assets that deliver triple-bottom-line outcomes of social, economic and environmental value. Large office landlords and institutional investors, in turn, are using green ratings and reporting, to cut energy, carbon footprint and costs, and to show their stakeholders that their assets are sustainable. Our experience and expertise in sustainability gives us deep insights into drivers underpinning sustainable design, together with cost, budget and procurement management, to help clients meet the challenge of delivering the next generation of green offices.


As workplace dynamics continue to evolve, forward-thinking organisations are embracing wellbeing approaches. Biophilic design incorporates circadian lighting, natural ventilation, plant life and other nature-inspired elements to enhance overall wellbeing and, consequently, performance. Through RLB’s work in commercial portfolios globally, including the design of our own offices worldwide, we have observed a strengthening connection between workplace wellness and office design. RLB’s deep-rooted capabilities in this sector can therefore empower commercial clients to create environments that support wellbeing principles and promote peak performance.


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