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A civic space is one that not only serves a public purpose, but also upholds and uplifts a community’s values, connects its citizens and creates a strong sense of belonging.

Whether it’s a library or a law court, a sports stadium or a theatre, the best public and civic buildings balance beauty and budget to deliver enduring long-term value.

Public and civic projects no longer just target the functional needs of the user. Striving for a perfect balance between user expectations and various requirements, such as functionality, aesthetics, up-front capital investments and ongoing operational spending, is equally important in achieving the project objectives for public and civic projects. By drawing from our database best practice and benchmarks, we play a key role in successfully delivering numerous public and civil projects.

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Awe-inspiring buildings and award-winning solutions

  • US$
    Delivering the largest single sports hub
  • 80000
    Delivering the largest library in Asia
  • 16
    100 year old cultural heritage buildings revitalised in a single project in Hong Kong
Sustainability stars shine bright

Public and civic buildings produce up to 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Owners and operators understand that they have a responsibility to invest in assets that meet the needs of their communities – not only today, but for decades to come. Civic centres, concert halls, galleries, museums, sports facilities and theatres can showcase sustainability that delivers cost-efficiencies, demonstrates climate action and inspires community pride.

Safeguarding our cultural heritage at the click of a button

Historic buildings are our precious cultural heritage. We restore and convert old buildings into a local hub by maximising the buildings’ usage. From reinstatement of traditional architectural elements to integration of new with existing structures, the adoption of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) has brought new life to old buildings. Our experienced professionals, together with the industry’s largest and most dynamic cost database, keep tight budgets and ambitious schedules on track.

Connecting beyond boundaries

Tomorrow’s civic building is a central connector in a community that keeps evolving. The best buildings are open and transparent, dissolving barriers between people, promoting better living, and reflecting the collaborative cultures being fostered behind the façades. With the best planning, attention to detail and flawless execution, the right investment today can support the community’s changing needs for decades to come.


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