Fresh thinking and unique placemaking

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As customer behaviour is rapidly changing, mixed-use developments represent a new opportunity to reinvent the way we live, work and play.

Each mixed-use project is a placemaking process with bespoke concepts, bringing together the essence of locality and diversity in the functions it must fulfil. Creating a new outlook and building a harmonious community of retail, commercial, hospitality, office and residential uses requires careful planning and fresh thinking.

From our 35 offices in Asia, we have witnessed the transformation from dispersed dwellings to modern city hubs of mixed-use developments across the region. The mixed-use sector is growing rapidly, and RLB is ready with ingenuity and fresh ideas to bring imagination to life.

Confidence today inspires a better tomorrow

We tap into the best talent and ideas from around the world to maximise mixed-use developments

  • 70
    projects, each with a GFA of over 200,000 square metres
  • 632
    the single tallest mixed-use building delivered
  • 250
    world’s tallest sky bridge linking six skyscrapers
Reinforcing harmonious communities

In China, each mixed-use development tells its own unique story – about the neighbourhood, the culture, the local history, as well as the historical monuments and features. Which means projects don’t compete against each other, but instead, complement one another to create a vibrant and engaging community.

Flexible design a crucial factor

With the digital age, new ideas are at our fingertips. Asia has the highest percentage of millennials, so reacting rapidly to the changing needs of young generations is key in designing mixed-use developments. Spatial design should be designed to allow for flexibility to accommodate different usages. The sustainability megatrend also plays a vital role in shaping customer expectations. There is an increasing push towards using sustainable building materials and equipment in design to reduce negative environmental impacts.

The right decisions at the right time

Planning, costing, managing and delivering mixed-use construction is complex, but with our highly experienced and knowledgeable team, along with the industry’s largest and most dynamic project database, we can help our clients make the right decisions for their mixed-use development at the right time.


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