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In Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Asian countries, the data centre market, driven predominantly by cloud and telecom corporations, keep surging.

Data centres are essential infrastructure for digital advancement, from cloud computing and e-commerce, to social media and smart cities. It’s not surprising that this sector is set to reach over US$60 billion by the end of 2020.

Global best practice, talented professionals and local know-how allows us to meet the critical demand from data centre clients across the border. RLB has consistently established long-term relationships with key players in this sector.

The best outcomes from the best people

RLB’s talented team of data centre experts has delivered award-winning solutions in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Asian countries in the past 10 years.

  • 40
    data centre projects in Asia
  • 1.5
    million square metres mission critical space in Asia
  • 1
    delivered globally to date
Big data brings big challenges

How do you stay ahead of the ever-bending technology curve, meet growing customer expectations and ensure you have a sound and sustainable business model that can be integrated seamlessly with the changing world?

As more organisations move their data storage to the cloud, demand for data centre infrastructure is increasing. Colocation data centres continue to evolve to offer customised solutions with minimum cost and complexity. Meanwhile, the tech titans are investing in hyperscale facilities housing innumerable servers to meet the demands of the digital era.

With hundreds of projects delivered around the world, we have a comprehensive database of international benchmarks to provide cost effective solutions when it comes to designing data centres.

The power behind data centre design

Globally, data centres consume around 2% of the world’s energy – which is rising to 8% on current trends.

With cooling responsible for up to 40% of data centre energy consumption, bleeding-edge design brings together advanced, high-density servers with revolutionary cooling systems. Other operators are turning to artificial intelligence or 100% renewable energy to power their processors. Smart, sustainable solutions in data centres ultimately help customers cut costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Safety, security and scale

Data centres are a unique asset class, where significant investments go into the cost of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure, and where capital expenditure can account for 60% of the development cost.

RLB’s expertise in providing cost planning, estimating, value engineering and life-cycle costing, helps data centre developers in balancing challenges of sustainability, social responsibility and investment over time.


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