RLB releases “RLB 5D BIM Standards for Use in Hong Kong”

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  • RLB releases “RLB 5D BIM Standards for Use in Hong Kong”
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Launched today, the “RLB 5D BIM Standards for Use in Hong Kong” is a set of standard document aimed at all BIM users in Hong Kong. It serves as a communication bridge between the quantity surveyor’s measurement rules and the BIM naming convention.

This document outlines the cost-related information to be included in BIM models for the purpose of Quantity Take-off (QTO) from detailed design stage to the project completion when implementing 5D BIM.

As an industry leader, RLB has vast experience of working with many clients, architects, engineers, facility managers and stakeholders across a variety of platforms using BIM technologies. By adopting best practice from our offices worldwide, RLB always stays at the forefront of BIM development and use.

We hope you find this document useful. We are so glad to share our vision with you to support collaborative working environments, enhance transparency and raise standards within the built environment.

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