At RLB, we give you access to structured and continual learning, development and training programs, to equip you with the necessary professional knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed.

  • Structured Training

    We offer first-class structured professional training programs to help you achieve your professional qualification – the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) which is HKIS and RICS accredited, and is completed over a two to three-year period.

  • On-the-job Training

    Working as a member of a team under the supervision and guidance of an experienced supervisor, you will be advancing your professional skills and knowledge in keeping with the rigorous standards at RLB. Specific training programs organised by either internal or external experts will also be provided to upskill senior and management staff in leadership and management.

  • Global Experience Exchange Program (GEEP)

    To nurture our young talent with global experience and perspectives, RLB offers a unique Global Experience Exchange Program (GEEP) to outstanding staff. Successful candidates are given the opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues in other global offices for one month. Through the program, participants can learn and share experiences in different countries and expand their horizons.

  • Training Allowances

    At RLB, we care about your life-long learning and continued professional development and training. We offer financial incentives to our staff to enrol in external training programs, to keep up with the development and advancement of the industry.

The opportunities continue to grow as we do and you’ll be guided to find your way through structured and continual learning.