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Healthcare planners and providers in both the private and public sectors are grappling with a host of trends: a growing and ageing population with higher levels of chronic conditions, shortage of healthcare professionals, the need to upgrade outdated facilities, greater application of medical technology, rising labour costs and evolving patient expectations.

As a result of these challenges, many of the region’s health systems are under tremendous pressure to explore ways to maintain financial sustainability while meeting the needs of patients.

Balancing patient-centric and future-driven care packages with financial imperatives, RLB draws on extensive experience, best practice benchmarks and innovative thinking to ensure healthcare projects deliver the best value for money.

Fresh perspectives and flawless execution

Our healthcare experts have delivered award-winning solutions and understand the challenges and opportunities ahead for human-centric care.

  • 45
    years of hospital project experience
  • 2400
    hospital beds delivered in a single project
  • 1
    childrens hospital delivered in Hong Kong
Future thinking supports long-term savings

In many countries, more than 10% of gross domestic product is spent on healthcare. As expenditure rises by around 5% each year, this sector is facing serious cost pressures. Capital construction cost is another component of healthcare – and this is where RLB can draw on our extensive experience and detailed benchmarks, to bend the cost curve in the right direction. Our skilled specialists work with clients to establish and maintain accurate construction budgets, procure value-for-money contractors and keep a close eye on costs, including the important aspects of design revenue and lifecycle cost impacts. Our expertise routinely reduces construction prices by 5% or more, and helps deliver designs that provide long-term savings.

Fresh thinking creates great places for people

Patient expectations are constantly evolving. Advancing technologies, such as artificial intelligence and telehealth enable earlier diagnosis and easier consumer access, bringing with them new care models focused on prevention and wellness. Whether it’s a large-scale hospital or a smaller, co-located facility in a local community, RLB’s talented team applies new technology and fresh thinking to create the best places for people.

Industry intelligence drives innovation

Our team of specialists has worked across all facets of the healthcare sector at senior levels, and brings extensive knowledge of clinical and operational requirements to deliver integrated solutions. Our up-to-the-minute knowledge of market trends allows us to introduce new techniques that optimise operations, improve design, reconfigure services and provide social value for communities. Whether it’s an acute hospital setting or private healthcare, teaching or research, primary or mental health, we have the experience and clear understanding of the sector to support delivery and operation of world-class facilities.


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