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Every asset owner is looking for maximum efficiency for the longest time and at the lowest cost – which is why they turn to the experts for advice.


When it comes to project success, you want experts that are always searching for something better. You may be thinking about repositioning your asset to match market demand. You may be recalibrating your investment strategy, elevating your sustainability credentials or rationalising your portfolio. Whatever your challenge, RLB can provide the expert advice you need to analyse the costs and benefits to make decisions that extend the life and value of your assets. We can help you make smart, strategic moves.

Re-life your assets for long-term rewards

Do you need help to sweat your asset? RLB has pioneered life-extension and repositioning studies to optimise buildings, and we can apply our methodology to help you understand if, when and where to spend. We can help you find innovative, cost-effective solutions that trim budgets and uncover new value. By partnering with us, you'll have the tools and expertise to make informed decisions at every step.

Optimise your operations for today and tomorrow

The shift to smart, sustainable assets is challenging every facility management team to measure performance and maximise profit. Whether your portfolio is large or small, the scale and size of the task can seem daunting. But you’re not alone. When you are looking to improve your facilities management planning, audit operational performance, forecast maintenance expenditure or undertake post-occupancy evaluations, RLB’s trusted advice today will help you to deliver brilliant outcomes tomorrow.

Reduce risk through due diligence

Information is power, but the devil is in the detail. When you are planning your next project, you need partners you can trust to help you make decisions that enhance value and mitigate risks. RLB’s team of experts is ready to conduct assessments to identify and analyse project risks, forecast capital expenditure, prioritise key issues, and develop risk management action plans.

Make the best choices with confidence

Choosing the best procurement strategy is at the heart of any project’s commercial success. But in a market of escalating costs, procurement can be a tricky proposition. Whether design quality or program certainty is your priority, cost reduction or innovation, we start with your objectives in mind and provide recommendations to achieve the optimal outcomes. Our team of experts is adept at assessing options from feasibility studies to value engineering. We know a better tomorrow is only possible through flawless execution today.

Experience & Capabilities

Empowering success through expertise

  • Replacement Cost Estimates for Insurance

  • Procurement Strategies

  • Auditing Services

  • Dispute Resolution & Expert Witness

  • Litigation Support

  • Embodied Carbon Assessment

Value & Impact

How we’ve helped others meet their challenges

Development of a world-class integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub


This public-private partnership (PPP) mixed-use project includes a stadium, multi-purpose indoor arena, a water sports centre, the existing Singapore Indoor Stadium and an aquatic centre.

“RLB’s specialist services help us to stand out. In addition to core services, our advisory teams’ abilities are widely recognised in the market.”

Kenneth Lo

Director of RLB’s Hong Kong Office



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