Specialist Solutions


With extensive experience optimising assets throughout the property cycle, we deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions that can trim budgets and uncover new value.


Our advisory services cover a broad agenda. We aim to support clients with practical, professional counsel on topics such as technical due diligence, capital and operational cost expenditure, and replacement cost assessments. We can customise our advisory services to meet our client’s specific budgetary and operational objectives.

Technical Due Diligence

RLB understands that clients and stakeholders are increasingly requiring more detailed information to ensure a level of confidence is achieved and maintained in terms of enhancing value and mitigating risks. We conduct risk assessments to review the scope of required work, identify project risks, priortise key issues, provide risk analysis and develop risk management action plans for the client’s strategic asset/facilities plan or next capital works project. Our expert risk mitigation services also extend to specific associated property risks including technical due diligence for owners, vendors, purchasers and tenants.

Procurement Strategies

RLB develops procurement strategies that provide systematic means of analysing costs and benefits during project development, before any commitment is given to a particular option, including:

  • Clear definition of project objectives
  • Identification of practical ranges of options
  • Quantification of the costs and benefits of each option
  • Consideration of qualitative aspects
  • Identification of the preferred option and development of action plans

RLB examines the issues and assists in the development and evaluation of projects or service delivery with our vast experience and knowledge on value enhancement, through:

  • Needs analysis and brief definition
  • Feasibility studies
  • Develop, own, and lease options
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Project monitoring and certifications

Our expertise and experience also extends to property transactions, services procurement, outsourcing operations and supply chain management.

Auditing Services

RLB takes a two-step approach to financial institution audits:

At the pre-commencement stage, we look beyond the items identified in financiers’ briefs, and expand upon them with a full analysis of all risk-related issues, providing a comprehensive profile of the project.

During the post-contract stage, we provide detailed cost-to-complete assessments. This ensures there are adequate funds should the financier be required to initiate step-in rights.

To provide effective financial management of development processes for the duration of projects, we prepare pre-commencement reports including auditing project costs and the adequacy of project documentation, monitor authority approvals, prepare progress payment assessments and recommendations, and cost-to-complete assessments.

RLB’s specialist services help us to stand out. In addition to core services, our advisory teams’ abilities are widely recognised in the market.

Kenneth Lo, Director of RLB’s Hong Kong Office


Dispute Resolution & Expert Witness

Setting up and managing construction contracts can be a challenging and complex process, subject to numerous and changing regulatory requirements. It is important to understand what obligations a contract imposes on the parties and associated risks. We support clients in the successful delivery of their projects during every stage, from drafting and developing bespoke contracts to providing expert advice during the delivery phase and assisting, in the event that problems are encountered.

Our dedicated procurement and contractual advisory team guides clients throughout the project process, providing technical support in specialist areas such as Expert Witness and Dispute Avoidance and Resolution. Our team includes claims preparation and defence experts who, working alongside each represented parties’ lawyers, can provide strategic advice, management, negotiation and resolution of claims, either through arbitration or alternative dispute resolution.

Our global expertise gained across public and private sectors and our experience of varying forms of contracts enables us to provide considered advice, from individual projects to large scale programs of work.

Design Management

Our design management team ensures that the strategy of any build is kept in line with the larger business strategy and that the outcomes of the design activity are within the business and financial remit. To ensure the user experience is a priority, our team supports clients to bring practicality, functionality and a real understanding of the construction industry to the design management process, without compromising on aesthetics or innovation.

Having long-term relationships with designers, architects, M&E contractors, sustainability experts and other professionals involved in the design-built environment, we have the global experience of working on some of the most iconic buildings in the world, as well as local knowledge of geographical attributes, and the challenges that come with working in varying locations. Our Design Management consultancy marries our knowledge of the construction industry with the understanding of how to make design align to corporate and financial objectives and help clients futureproof both their design and build.

Litigation Support

RLB has a team of highly seasoned professionals with considerable expertise in the litigation arena. The firm offers comprehensive front-end, claims management, and dispute resolution services. We have particular expertise in claims appraisal, documentation, and negotiation; expert witness and determination; arbitration and mediation.