Suburban retail symphony

How Rhodes Central created a thriving community



Rhodes Central Shopping Centre – with its standout amenity and state-of-the-art technology – has transformed what was once an industrial area into a vibrant and dynamic suburb. Located in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West, directly opposite Rhodes station on Walker Street, Rhodes Central Shopping Centre is part of Billbergia’s $2.5 million masterplanned community.

More than 12,000 people live within walking distance of Rhodes Central – and they frequent the centre for the area’s only Woolworths supermarket, an array of dining, health and wellness services, and to shop at any of the 55-plus convenient stores.

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Measuring value from multiple angles

Billbergia was established in 1988 with a clear vision to create communities where people of all ages and walks of life can thrive. Underpinning this vision is an understanding that value is not just a price tag – it is also measured in lifestyle choices and access to amenities, quality design and architectural excellence. RLB’s team is skilled at measuring value from multiple angles – and could offer Billbergia strategic cost advice on select components of the development.

Rhodes Central Shopping Centre is award-winning for a reason, combining convenience, multiple cuisine offerings and a great shopping experience. Congratulations to every member of the project team for creating an enduring community asset.
Stephen Mee, Managing Director, RLB

High-tech and high-experience

The centre’s dining precinct, Bamboo Lane, transports diners to the streets of Asian cities, with casual hawker dining experiences and a host of authentic cuisines hailing from Singapore to Shanghai and Tokyo to Taiwan.

Rhodes Central’s rooftop is adorned with one of the world’s only retail heliostats. This glittering piece of technology uses a series of smart mirrors to reflect the sun’s rays onto the previously overshadowed Union Square Plaza below. The mirrors tilt to track the sun’s path, bouncing light back into the public spaces, while also reflecting light and night glow after the sun goes down.

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A dynamic destination for everyone

Billbergia created Rhodes Central from the ground up with the help of architects SJB. With 90% of Rhodes residents living in high rise developments, the masterplan prioritises the public domain with walkable streets, lush trees, raised planters and a generous central plaza that is a destination for a diverse demographic of people.

Balancing quality and costs

The secret to every project’s commercial success, regardless of its size or type, is to balance quality against costs. RLB team, with experience costing some of the world’s best projects, was proud to help Billbergia get the balance right.