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Kenneth Kwan


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Perspective magazine brings you the latest in innovation, technology and research from RLB’s growing number of experts, who work collaboratively with clients across more than 140 offices in 40 countries to deliver success, project by project.

With the control of COVID-19 progressing in more and more countries, organizations are starting to focus on preparing for the future, instead of coping with the present challenges. In this edition of Perspective, our global RLB experts share insights on market changes that are happening, or going to happen, in a post-pandemic world. These include the market shifts after the change in US presidency and Brexit; the use of new technologies such as BIM and MiC; the construction industry’s response to climate change such as green building and decarbonisation; as well as new business models or new investment areas. I hope our insights provide you with beneficial information to help your projects succeed.

We can all feel the changes in working behavior and the market after a year of living in the shadow of COVID-19. Social distancing, and even lockdowns in some countries, have forced businesses to various degrees of remote working. We have become more reliant on digital solutions for virtual working and meetings that drive changes in areas such as business processes, IT hardware and software support, company culture, and staff behavior. Many of the articles in this edition give us ideas of what could be done to prepare ourselves for this new era. Some articles also point us to new directions such as developing business in an up-and-coming country, offering new services, or seizing opportunities in emerging trends of the ‘new normal’.

Speaking of trends, staying alert to changes in government policy is crucial for all business planning. Globally, many governments are paying close attention to pollution, climate change, and other environmental issues to work towards a more sustainable future. These are long-term goals that take years to achieve and require everyone’s engagement.

Is it a time for reflection? I am not really sure, but I think it would be wise to be prepared for any unprecedented changes in the future.