Singapore Rider’s Digest 2023

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Silas Loh


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Towards the next 50 years

We celebrated 50 years of industry leadership and service excellence in Singapore last year. We take pride in upholding the respect and trust conferred by clients and industry peers since we were first established in 1972. In the next 50, we are committed to continuing this legacy.

We published our first Digest in 2008, providing a compendium of cost information and related information on the construction industry. Along with indicative construction costs by building type from our local, regional and global offices, the Rider’s Digest contains useful reference material on estimating benchmarks and construction market activity for major Asian cities. The Singapore Edition also offers a collection of local construction regulations and information with quick links to relevant websites for more information.

Assisting both industry colleagues and clients, this is yet another example of RLB’s innovative approach to research.