RLB appoints two new Directors in Mainland China

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  • RLB appoints two new Directors in Mainland China
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RLB North Asia is pleased to announce the appointment of Emily Gao and Huang He as Directors of Mainland China with effect from 1st July 2021.

Emily Gao

Emily Gao graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Construction Engineering from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Shenzhen University. She joined RLB in 2001 and has been working in Shenzhen office since its early establishment. Throughout these years, Emily has provided project leadership and successfully delivered many large-scale and complex developments with commendable outcome for many large technology companies and real estate developers. The key sectors that Emily is responsible include research and technologies buildings, commercial mixed use developments, residential developments and many others. Emily has been involved in one of the largest projects: the urban renewal project with over 1.7 million m2.

Huang He

Huang He graduated with a Master Degree in Management Science and Engineering from Chongqing University. He joined our Shanghai office in 2002, and was later promoted to Head of Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) team in 2007 for his outstanding performance. He is responsible in delivering cost management services for many large-scale iconic mixed-used developments, hotels, commercial projects, logistics centres and data centres developments and has built a good reputation in these sectors. Huang He is also responsible in managing the cost research and analysis of E&M projects. To keep pace with development of innovation technologies, he is actively participating in promoting digital transformation for the Company.