A symbol for the atomic age when it opened in 1956, Sellafield is now preparing for the future.



When the world’s first commercial nuclear power station, Sellafield, opened in 1956 it signalled the start of a new atomic age. But as the UK’s energy mix changes, so too is Sellafield’s mission.

As the nuclear power station winds down, Sellafield’s focus shifts to environmental clean-up and waste management. RLB, with three decades of experience working at Sellafield, is proud to be playing our part. Spanning more than six square kilometres on the West Cumbrian coast, Sellafield is the size of a small town. More than 11,000 workers head to Sellafield each day, and the site operates its own bus service, armed police service, laundry, hospital and restaurants, as well as the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory.

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Fresh perspectives, flawless execution

Our work is helping Sellafield prepare for the future. Over the last three decades, RLB has successfully delivered a range of services, from quantity surveying and commercial management to project controls and specialist services. With innovative thinking and flawless execution, we are part of the site organisation, delivering everything from trend reporting to benchmarking, risk management to performance analysis.

“Nowhere is flawless execution more important than on sensitive nuclear sites. RLB’s work on the world’s most complex nuclear site gives us a whole-of-life-perspective on other large, complex energy projects – from capital construction to decommissioning and clean-up. Our knowledge is now being harnessed in a wide range of sectors – and this is testament the skills of our people and the rigour of our work.”
Mark Clive, Partner, RLB

Our on-the-ground expertise and commitment to creating enduring value at Sellafield is evident. In 2015, RLB established a permanent presence adjacent to Sellafield and continue to build a talented team with international reputations for excellence.

The best outcomes come from the best people

Among our many projects, RLB was appointed to design, develop and implement a database to record and manage Sellafield’s 900-plus built assets, as well as plant and infrastructure.

RLB’s rapid-prototyping solution brought together many disparate data sources into one easy-to-use platform.

More than 200 users can now instantly access and update asset information from anywhere in the Sellafield network.

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Nurturing strong partnerships in the nuclear sector

As a member of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Group, RLB connects with local schools, colleges and universities throughout West Cumbria to promote jobs and share innovative thinking in the nuclear sector.

Creating a better tomorrow

In a world where change is the only certainty, RLB’s independent advice gives our clients at Sellafield the confidence to prepare for any future.