A World of Opportunity

Global Experience Exchange Program (GEEP)



Our Global Experience Exchange Programme (GEEP) is unlike any other. Described as a life-changing experience, the programme offers participants the opportunity to work with and learn from RLB colleagues in exciting locations around the world including UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mauritius, South Asia and Middle East.

Global Experience Exchange Program

The programme offers employees the opportunity to experience RLB in alternative business settings, develop best practices and share knowledge across our global practice. It’s a generous programme, fueled by RLB’s representative and noble ethos, and because the business puts so much in, everyone gets more out.

Anyone is welcome to apply to join GEEP after two years of working with RLB. It is an open and inclusive programme that values hard work and ambition and drives rapid personal development.

Successful candidates will benefit from a one-month experience of living and working in the host country, joining office activities, observing and learning from technical projects, asking questions, putting forward solutions and even delivering training sessions based on their knowledge and experience to date.

The GEEP programme plays a fundamental role in leadership and management development, shaping our future success as a global business and laying the foundations for a truly global and connected network.


2023 Participants

GEEP is underway, with 19 employees set to gain global experience, build connections and benefit from unique personal development this year.

The 2023 participants will build strong relationships with others and gain deeper understandings of the issues and aspirations that drive them. This is key to enhancing our ability to create the value that our clients are looking for. We’re pleased that GEEP can offer a valuable opportunity for our employees to learn new elements of business and technical practice by taking their careers global.

Congratulations to our participants!

Aaron Woodward: Phoenix to Manchester

Ahamed Abbas: Dubai to London

Alexander Wang: Sydney to Manchester

Brijesh Shetty: Dubai to Melbourne

Isabelle Bowen: Birmingham to Sydney

Joe Mills: London to Melbourne

Josh Stuart: Adelaide to Manchester

Katrina Lu: Sydney to London

Kim Pham: Brisbane to London

Nareshwara Rao Sanyasi: Mauritius to Hong Kong

Nodhi Mahlangu: Pretoria to Singapore

Paul Scopelliti: Melbourne to Dubai

Peter Demetriou: Melbourne to Denver

Robert Woodring: Honolulu to Sydney

Sam Valkonen: Adelaide to Singapore

Scott Tey: Perth to Hong Kong

Suzanne Yip: Hong Kong to London

Theo Simmonds: London to Auckland

Yoseph Zegeye: London to Dubai

  • Since its launch in 2017, almost 30 colleagues from 9 different countries have been selected to take part. All feel like they have learned a lot about our global business, and both their home and host offices have benefited too.

  • I spent a month in Phoenix, Arizona with our RLB North American colleagues. It was an absolutely fantastic experience; being exposed to different ways of working, developing international client and colleague relationships and sharing best practice globally. It was a real career highlight for me, particularly as from the back of the exchange, our North American practice has developed a brilliant sustainability community and we’re developing a global sustainability consultancy offer too.

  • Seeking adventure and testing yourself. That’s what life is all about, right? In Shanghai, I truly couldn’t have asked for better hosts who were so willing to show me their work practices, take me around the city, introduce me to some great clients, and welcome me into their private lives.