A World of Opportunity

Global Experience Exchange Programme (GEEP)


Global Experience Exchange Programme

Our Global Experience Exchange Programme (GEEP) is unlike any other. Described as a life-changing experience, the programme offers participants the opportunity to work with and learn from RLB colleagues in exciting locations around the world including UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mauritius, South Asia and Middle East.

Global Experience Exchange Program

The programme offers employees the opportunity to experience RLB in alternative business settings, develop best practices and share knowledge across our global practice. It’s a generous programme, fueled by RLB’s representative and noble ethos, and because the business puts so much in, everyone gets more out.

To be eligible to apply for the GEEP programme, applicants must be employed at Graduate, Newly Qualified or at Professional level and they must also be in permanent employment with at least two years’ service at RLB. It is an open and inclusive programme that values hard work and ambition and drives rapid personal development.

Successful candidates will benefit from a one-month experience of living and working in the host country, joining office activities, observing and learning from technical projects, asking questions, putting forward solutions and even delivering training sessions based on their knowledge and experience to date.

The GEEP programme plays a fundamental role in leadership and management development, shaping our future success as a global business and laying the foundations for a truly global and connected network.

  • The month I spent working in New Zealand’s Auckland and Christchurch offices was an incredible experience. Both host offices were very welcoming and ensured that my time in New Zealand was truly unforgettable through a healthy balance of working opportunities and site seeing. It was fantastic to develop relationships with fellow RLB employees on both the North and South Islands and learn about their working and social culture.

  • The team generously shared their knowledge and expertise, creating an environment conducive to professional growth. I had the privilege of visiting iconic projects, attending company social events, and participating in apprenticeship week, all of which sparked cultural and knowledge exchange. This once in a lifetime experience enriched my professional journey with international practice and market insights, strengthened my project delivery skills, and contributed to my personal development.”

  • Completing the GEEP exchange within the UK was a memorable and rewarding professional experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. Hosted in the London office at The Shard, I was made to feel a part of the London team from day one. I experienced different approaches to project technical tasks and took part in numerous prominent project site visits. There were many opportunities to attend industry and company events to socialise with colleagues and gain insight into a range of different projects. The programme provided invaluable personal development and new business knowledge which I can implement in future projects.

  • Having spent time in the Manchester, Liverpool and London offices, I was provided the opportunity to visit numerous high-profile projects, and develop my professional skillset through in-office and on-site experience. I was particularly intrigued by the range of services provided by RLB UK, and gained valuable insights into the efficiencies achieved through the implementation of collaborative working and in-house cross-functional project teams.”

  • My month working in the Sydney office was truly an amazing experience. My hosts were so welcoming and ensured that my time in Sydney was filled with sight-seeing, socialising with the team, and accompanying fellow colleagues on site visits and learning about their project operations. The knowledge I have gained from my time in the Sydney office I will be able to share with RLB Europe to improve our working efficiencies and services.

  • The GEEP programme afforded me one of the most meaningful opportunities of my career. I collaborated with some of the brightest and most knowledgeable sustainability professionals that RLB employs across the world and learned invaluable lessons about their best practices and the fundamental skills and digital tools they leverage to deliver world class services to their clients. All of the people I met in the Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and London offices were so welcoming and hospitable that I not once felt I was a visitor but that I was one of them, part of their family. The experience is so much greater than what can be put into words and goes by so quickly that it’s seemingly over before it begins. The knowledge I gained will help me quickly advance the development and implementation of North America’s sustainability practices and services with the confidence that I have relationships with the best and brightest to rely upon for support as I go.

  • I spent a month in Phoenix, Arizona with our RLB North American colleagues. It was an absolutely fantastic experience; being exposed to different ways of working, developing international client and colleague relationships and sharing best practice globally. It was a real career highlight for me, particularly as from the back of the exchange, our North American practice has developed a brilliant sustainability community and we’re developing a global sustainability consultancy offer too.