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We apply our expertise to define, set and deliver wider project objectives, enabling you to achieve value-driven outcomes.

Value-Driven Solutions & Services


Value-Driven Solutions & Services

Every project has a complex set of bespoke and often unique requirements that require more specialist support, especially during inception to define and set project objectives and wider outcomes. Defining value is becoming increasingly more complex than simply defining and balancing the trilogy of time, cost and quality. By combining global skills and knowledge with digital tools, data and cloud-based technology, our experts are able to provide high-level strategic advice to support the clear definition and setting of your project outcomes, along with practical support to implement and deliver these outcomes across the project life cycle.

Optimise procurement to achieve your goals

A global shift in business models and markets is putting organisations in all sectors under growing pressure to improve financial and operational performance. Now, more than ever, your focus is also on delivering objectives through outcome-driven solutions. As a result, the role of strategic procurement is increasingly viewed as a means of delivering both efficiencies and value. Our procurement specialists understand the market challenges and can provide the optimum procurement solutions to achieve your goals.

Avoid or resolve costly disputes

Setting up and managing construction contracts is a complex process and it’s important to understand the obligations a contract imposes and the associated risks. Our dedicated team can advise you at every stage of individual projects or large-scale programmes of work, from developing and drafting technical and contract requirements, to providing expert guidance during the delivery phase. If problems arise, our contract and claims specialists can support you in dispute avoidance, negotiation and resolution to enable positive outcomes.

Mitigate project risks

In an ever-changing business environment, it is vital that robust and accurate specifications are in place to mitigate project risks. Our architectural specification consultants focus on procurement and design responsibility, which allows you to focus on the design itself, secure in the knowledge that the specification is in good hands. With our worldwide reach and expertise across all sectors, RLB has the capability to deliver tailored solutions to suit global requirements.

Make informed decisions about your assets

All businesses crave commercial certainty. RLB can provide this assurance – at all stages of the project life cycle, from business case and optioneering through to financial close – thanks to our large-scale international project expertise and bespoke digital solutions. Our experts will work closely with you and your design teams to fully understand the value drivers and required outcomes of your project. We will support the delivery of your project business plan, enabling you to make informed decisions about your property assets.

Achieve better value and outcomes

Looking for ways to improve project life cycle performance and optimise value and outcomes beyond the baseline of time, cost and quality? RLB’s strategic solutions can help you. They combine capital and whole life costs, programme, social value, environmental credentials and carbon models, enabling interactions and impacts to be tested, defined and set at the project’s outset, and measured and monitored throughout the life cycle. Our focus is to find the solution that achieves the best results for you.

Improve your asset management

A commercial business case must meet rigorous environmental, sustainability and legislative requirements at any RIBA stage. To meet these requirements, RLB has developed a Total Cost Model (TCM) that integrates data from our wider advisory services with our cost planning system. Optimisation of design, construction and operation can be advised and reported using TCM, which considers the capital, operational, occupancy, energy, carbon, maintenance and replacement costs of your building over a predetermined period. Our insights will help you improve your asset management.

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  • Value and Outcome Consultancy

  • Whole Life Cycle Asset Management

Specialist Solutions


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