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The global economic impact of the convention and exhibition sector is enormous. More than $1.5 trillion of GDP and 26 million jobs are generated each year through business events alone.

But in a world that is constantly changing, the exhibition and convention sector faces a host of challenges. How do you keep pace with technology, exceed customer expectations and adapt to disruptive economic forces on an increasingly tight budget?

With a deep knowledge of world’s best practice and benchmarks, many convention centre owners and operators turn to RLB for expert advice.

Expertise and experience from all angles

Our in-house experts have worked on the design, construction and operation of convention centres and understand their unique role as economic engines.

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Bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds

As technology evolves at lightspeed, it’s no longer enough to provide charging stations for cell phones. Customers expect seamless technology, whether that’s live-streaming a video or undertaking a virtual tour.

With a host of new technologies ahead – hologram-powered meeting rooms and haptic feedback, robot receptionists, autonomous vehicles, robotic parking and AI-enabled translation services among them – RLB understands that convention centre design must be future-ready.

Our team is skilled at managing, scheduling, costing and advising projects at the cutting edge – and increasingly that means accommodating technological capabilities that don’t yet exist.

All the world’s a stage

Every event is unique, which is why exhibition and convention centres around the world are being reimagined as flexible, adaptable spaces. The best venues set the stage for a myriad of events – from panel discussions to exhibitions, grand cocktail parties to intimate movie screenings. With the right planning and attention to detail, the right investment today can support evolving needs for decades to come.

A sustainable sense of place

Despite our hyper-connected world – or perhaps because of it – people are demanding more opportunities to connect and collaborate than ever before. But they want to do so in a way that respects the local people and environment.

From living green roofs to rainwater recovery, seawater cooling to rooftop solar panels, convention centres now routinely embrace sustainability in their design and achieve certification to demonstrate their leadership.

And sustainability stretches well beyond construction. The best designs carefully create experiences where everyone – whether that’s a one-time visitor or a long-term employee – can tread lightly on the earth.


Caroline Copland
Caroline Copland

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