Project and Programme Success


Our dedicated team supports the delivery of complex projects and programmes that meet core objectives and protect client interests.

Project and Programme Management

We have reimagined how we deliver projects and programmes to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Placing client needs and project drivers at the core, our team works closely with stakeholders to meet time, cost and quality requirements, whilst maintaining predictability and rigour at every stage.

Strategic Programme Management

We create an environment for our clients and their supply chains to deliver successful programme outcomes.

The traditional view of programme management is an extension of project management where multiple projects are managed in a coordinated way to deliver a set outcome. However, where project management is typically focused on performance, in terms of quality, cost and time, programme management operates more on a strategic level to create synergies and deliver a package of benefits through the co-ordinated management of multiple workstreams.

A collaborative approach between programme and project management enables effective stakeholder management, the coordination and adaptation of the programme to business changes as well as adjusting to risks and issues as they arise. These aspects, where managed effectively, will positively contribute to the performance of the programme and the delivery of the business case benefits. Programme management requires an approach that takes a broader strategic perspective and full advantage of modern digital tools to deliver the synergies that come from end-to-end programme visibility.

Our expert team specialises in designing and delivering end-to-end programmes within the built environment. We can assess and overhaul distressed programmes, conducting programme assurance reviews to ensure that benefits are delivered, risks are managed effectively and that lessons are learned for the future.

Project Management

In these changing times – economically, technologically and environmentally – having a robust project management strategy in place is more essential than ever before. Understanding the ever-evolving factors influencing each project, including the impact of technology, innovative ways of working as well as environmental issues, is vital.

We offer robust project management strategies and services with highly experienced teams that can get to the heart of a project quickly, and advise on the impact of these changes on your project from inception to completion. With experience across project governance, planning and scheduling, contract administration, financial and risk management and cross-disciplinary communication, we assess challenges and deliver across all stages, including feasibility, design procurement, construction and handover.

Having worked on a wide variety of both public and private sector projects, we recognise that different sectors and different clients have varying needs. We support clients using expertise and skills, to offer tailored services to meet individual project needs and provide best practice solutions.

RLB creates a collaborative team environment, working closely with all stakeholders to establish the key project drivers and success criteria. RLB aims to meet our client’s requirements to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within authorised cost and to the required quality standards.

Our project managers use certified and exemplar systems and processes aided by advanced technologies and digital reporting procedures.

Development Management

Development requires assessing the optimum solution, team leadership and risk management to meet the strategic objectives of the occupier and owner. With a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements, we have the means to successfully add value and deliver positive outcomes within a challenging climate.

At RLB, we are able to support clients in developing effective and deliverable solutions that meet all the requirements of developers, funding institutions and investors, thereby driving premium value and returns.

Our development management team is made up of experienced professionals from various disciplines, reflecting the diverse and complex nature of many of today’s development schemes. Our strength lies in our ability to draw on the best resources from a range of specialist fields.

Our participation in industry and with professional bodies allows us to both shape the future of the industry and gain an insight into developing trends, initiatives and issues. This knowledge and understanding informs the strategic advice that we are able to provide our clients and the solutions we deliver for their projects.


Pre-Construction Services, Procurement & Project Planning

Our pre-construction management and project planning services place us at the forefront of the market, with the capability to plan and manage projects professionally, efficiently and safely. With strong capabilities across all building sectors, utilising the latest project planning techniques, our pre-construction and project planning services will manage your project related time risks from feasibility through to completion.

Selecting the correct procurement strategy for a project is key to project success. Based on the client’s principal objectives in relation to cost certainty, quality of design, programme, environmental, social value and wellbeing, we can undertake a review of these objectives and provide recommendations relating to the optimum procurement strategy to best achieve these goals.

Selecting the most appropriate contractor or supplier is equally important. We can evaluate the most suitable contractor/supplier for a project based upon scope, content, complexity, workload, expertise, procurement and the need for specialist knowledge and innovative thinking.

We can introduce Environmental, Social Value and Wellbeing metrics into the tender process to achieve the client’s wider value objectives. We undertake preparation of tender and contract documents, which provide full details of the project requirements and clearly identify responsibility for risks. Undertaking a detailed tender analysis ensures both compliance with the tender requirements and parity between the bids.
Our team has an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of construction techniques and delivery methodologies, and experience working for owners, developers and contractors.

Design Management

We offer design management services to help designers deliver more with less. Design teams can concentrate on their core service while our Design Managers focus on the programme of deliverables and contractual commitments. Our aim is to co-locate with the Lead Designer to be at the heart of the design team.

Through years of practical project experience, we have learnt and understood the complexities and intricacies of what is required on projects. Our approach is based on integrating management techniques within design teams, aligned to a clear brief, ensuring that agreed communication and client decision making processes are clearly understood in order to deliver successful projects.

We have long-term relationships with designers, architects, sustainability experts and other professionals in the design-built environment, as well as the global experience of working on some of the most iconic buildings in the world. We are well versed on the local knowledge of geographical attributes and the challenges that come with working in varying locations. Our design management consultancy combines our knowledge of the construction industry, with an understanding of how design can align with corporate and financial objectives, helping clients futureproof  their design and build.

Project / Fund Monitoring

With a project of any size, it is important that businesses get robust, useful advice which identifies and helps mitigate potential risks that might arise during the full project cycle. These risks must be continually appraised to ensure that a funder’s financial exposure does not exceed the value of securities held.

Our expert project monitoring support begins early in the process, in the form of initial technical due diligence prior to the agreement of funding and progress reporting through the construction phase. We also assess the quality of the assets that a client is developing, by advising on whole-life costing, which helps safeguard the long-term value of the investment.

We utilise a proactive, rather than reactive, approach which works as an early warning system, alerting clients to unexpected risks as early as possible. This foresight helps you make informed decisions, we act as your eyes and ears during the lifetime of your project, not just in initial planning.


Guy Robinson
Guy Robinson

Partner - National Head of Project Management