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A civic space is one that not only serves a public purpose – it also upholds and uplifts a community’s values, connects its citizens and creates a strong sense of belonging.

Whether it’s a library or a law court, a town hall or a theatre, the best public and civic buildings balance beauty and budget to deliver sustainable long-term Social and Economic value.

The decisions made when planning and delivering public spaces are critical to providing long term benefits for citizens and they can make huge impacts on operational spending. Our clients turn to RLB to draw on our deep experience working on some of the world’s most iconic and innovative public buildings, and our database of world’s best practice and benchmarks.

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Sustainability stars shine bright

Owners and operators of civic buildings understand they have a responsibility to invest in assets that meet the needs of their communities not just today, but for decades to come. Buildings are responsible for up to 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, but civic centres, concert hall, galleries, museums and places of worship can be sustainability showcases that deliver cost-efficiencies, demonstrate climate action and inspire community pride.

Comprehensive costings at the click of a button

From sensors to intelligent systems, big data to the Internet of Things, advances in technology reveal new insights to improve the performance of public buildings, drive down energy costs and carbon emissions, and enhance the experience of people. Making the most of technology requires new skillsets and fresh thinking, as well as a laser-focus on costs. RLB’s powerful in-house software boasts the industry’s largest and most dynamic cost database. It’s our secret to keeping the tight budgets and ambitious schedules on track.

Creating community connectors

Far from the intimidating ivory tower of yesterday, tomorrow’s civic building is a central connector in a community that is forever evolving. The best buildings are open and transparent, dissolving barriers between people, promoting better living and reflecting the collaborative cultures being fostered behind the façades. With the best planning, attention to detail and flawless execution, the right investment today can support the community’s social cohesion and economic development for decades to come.


Julian Henley
Julian Henley

Partner - National Head of Public & Civic

Steve Gillingham
Steve Gillingham

Managing Partner - North West, Northern Ireland & National Commissions

Ann Bentley
Ann Bentley
Chris Hartley
Chris Hartley

Partner - Building Surveying and Health & Safety services

Matt Summerhill
Matt Summerhill

Managing Partner - Yorkshire & Humber


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