Commercial Success


Our independence and commercial approach allows our expert team to deliver the right project outcomes and deliver value for our clients.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

Our cost management service puts client needs first, delivering on project aims and enabling our clients to make informed decisions about their property assets.
We deliver commercial confidence throughout the project life cycle, from early business case through to financial close, strengthened by broad sector expertise and bespoke digital solutions.

Feasibility Studies

A reliable feasibility study allows us to provide a speedy response at the early stages of a project, to assess the viability of the project requirements, and to offer alternative solutions if appropriate. This includes the assessment of social impact of investment through a monetised mechanism.

Our cost benchmarking data, together with cost modelling, can be used as a dynamic tool to review alternative design options and explore ‘what if’ scenarios to identify the most cost-effective options within the parameters of the brief.

Cost Planning & Value Management

Establishing a robust elemental cost plan will form the key cost management control document for any project. This will be prepared in conjunction with the whole project team to ensure ownership of the budget. All future changes will be managed against the signed-off cost plan. The cost plan will enable proactive cost-checking of design development, alternative cost studies, and support value engineering and risk management.

Our specialist MEP surveyors add value by providing detailed cost advice in relation to MEP Services, and where appropriate, are able to challenge designs.

RLB is at the forefront of Building Information Model (BIM) utilisation. Our bespoke cost planning ROSS5D software can interface with various BIM software packages used by designers and consultants. Cost reports can be delivered via RLB Focus, our dynamic web based data analytic dashboard reporting platform. Our specialist MEP cost managers add value by providing detailed cost advice in relation to MEP services, and where appropriate, challenge designs.

Delivering value against the project business plan is a key measure of success.

We will work with the project team, and where required, facilitate workshops in order to undertake a structured review at key project stages, to ascertain that the project is meeting the functional requirements of the brief. We advocate value engineering during the early planning and design stages where it is most effective.

Whole Life Costs and Life Cycle Costs

Our approach to Whole Life Costs and Life Cycle Costs (WLC/LCC) is one which focuses on the business needs of our clients, and delivers a service which enables our clients to make informed decisions in relation to their property assets over the long term.

We create best value sustainable operational solutions for our clients using our own dynamic web-enabled software, Total Cost Management (TCM). TCM integrates capital, energy, carbon and operation/life cycle replacement costs and is our benchmarking tool, delivering savings to our clients.

The data behind TCM has been collected from numerous sources, including industry-published data and our own internal data from previous and live projects. This can be used on projects from initial feasibility through to financial close and operation. The WLC/LCC models can be used for any concession length, from individual assets to large portfolios.

The cost management and employer’s agent team at RLB has been excellent. As we continue to develop sites, they are an integral part of our projects to ensure we achieve our deadlines with minimal risk and on budget.


Cost Benchmarking

We can benchmark a particular project against similar projects to quickly assess if the project requirements can be achieved. We have a global cost benchmarking tool that collates project data from all of our regions and sectors which also includes Design Quality Indicators (DQI) metrics. This enables us to benchmark building efficiencies as well as cost, help identify alternative solutions and add value.

Risk Management

Quantifying and managing risk is fundamental to delivering a project on time and on budget.
We will advise the project team on strategies for identifying and minimising specific risks, together with appropriate levels of cost, and a methodology for managing risks within the identified levels. We apply probabilistic risk assessment techniques to support risk management.

Contract Administration / Employer’s Agent

Cost certainty during the construction phase relies on robust methodology and delivered by experienced staff. We can fulfil the traditional quantity surveyor role or undertake Contract Administrator or Employer’s Agent roles to suit client requirements. The key element of our role is to manage the costs within the signed-off budget through:

  • Post contract cost control with a robust change order process
  • Proactive cost checking of design development
  • Alternative cost studies
  • Agree the cost of contract variations in a timely manner
  • Regular financial reports of estimated final cost


Russell Lloyd
Russell Lloyd

Partner - National Head of Cost Consultancy