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Cloud computing and AI technologies are driving demand for data centres, but growing construction supply chain risk jeopardises Europe’s digital future, according to RLB’s new Data Centre Trends Report.

We compiled this report based on a comprehensive survey of 475 executives from data centre operators and contractors across the UK and Europe.

Our findings reveal increasing concerns within the data centre sector over the resilience of its construction supply chain and its ability to keep pace with the rapid growth of data and digital services. A third of operators we surveyed have cancelled projects due to supply chain constraints, and many contractors said they have turned down projects they deemed too risky.

The war in Ukraine and other geopolitical events have exposed vulnerabilities in supply chains, while the prices of construction materials are expected to continue to rise. The climate crisis is adding further pressure, with regulators setting ever-more stringent energy efficiency requirements for data centres and associated infrastructure, and extreme weather events threatening to disrupt supply chain operations.

Our report explores solutions to these challenges and recommends a holistic approach that addresses risk proactively through collaboration and innovation.

While our survey reveals that operators and contractors are already using contractual measures to share risk, greater transparency is needed. Working together can build trust, enable future planning and mitigate risks, ensuring the sector can meet demand sustainably and profitably.

To further strengthen supply chain resilience, our experts also recommend location diversification, flexible power source options, sustainable practices, adaptable designs and standardised components.

Read our full report here.

To learn the key findings of the survey, click here.


Andrew Fettes-Brown
Andrew Fettes-Brown

Europe Service Transformation Director, Head of Data Centres