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We support our clients in achieving their goals; to improve educational outcomes for the pupils and students they teach, deliver world class research and achieve it through a sustainably built and maintained estate.

We use our expertise to meet these challenges and assist in creating, sustainable, inspiring, and affordable spaces that are also adaptable to meet the needs of changing pedagogies and evolving research.

With decades of experience working at the leading-edge of education construction, we have built strong long-standing relationships with education and research institutions around the world. This gives us deep knowledge of the world’s best practice and latest benchmarks.

Delivering value to the Education & Research Sector

Through our specialist knowledge and best practice, we develop and deliver strategies focused on creating a modern sustainable estate that’s built for the future. In the last 5 years we have helped deliver:

  • £
    of teaching and learning space from primary schools to universities
  • £
    of advanced Research & Development space
  • 21
    of School, College and University Buildings surveys
Improving the estate in uncertain times

Our clients across the sector face conflicting demands; to improve and develop their estates but against a background of constrained funding, an uncertain future and the demands of a sometimes ageing estate. Our extensive sector experience of delivering multi-faceted property surveys encompasses over 5,500 schools, 2 million m² of FE College space and University campuses nationwide. This experience has allowed us to develop a data driven solution that provides holistic property intelligence with robust expenditure forecasting. This is the baseline for an effective estate strategy and will provide focus of the funding to deliver long term operational savings, reduce carbon and protect the delivery of your educational goals.


The imperative to achieve net zero carbon and to improve the sustainability of the education estate is clear. This sustainability agenda has also widened to encompass wellbeing and social value. Balancing these challenges has complicated decision making and strategy around built assets and has moved decisions from balancing time, cost and quality to considering many other influences. We support at a strategic level with this complex set of project drivers and combine sustainability targets; embodied carbon; carbon in use; social value and wellbeing into one balanced “value model” for your project.

Delivering state of the art facilities capable of attracting staff and students

In an increasingly globalised and competitive market, the university estate has become key in the race to recruit academic staff and students. 3/4s of students rank campus facilities as “important” when deciding where to study. Yet 1/3rd of the HE Estate is coming to end of its design life. RLB has the experience of delivering prestigious, high quality facilities that modernise the estate and provide a focal point for attracting students and academics


Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott

Partner - National Head of Education