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By harnessing data and technology, our team of hands-on digital experts will guide you through your unique challenges.

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Optimising our industry in an ever-changing landscape can be accomplished by finding tangible, valuable and reliable insights through data collected throughout the life cycles of services, projects and assets. With the exponential growth of digital technologies and data, how can you manage these vast data sets, control them, validate them, and then use them to meet not only your future needs but also those of others? Look no further than our team of hands-on digital experts. We will work with you to develop smart, practical solutions that deliver tangible impact today, regardless of where you are on your digital transformation journey.
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Plan to grow and succeed

We live in a digital and data-driven world where keeping up with change and innovation is already challenging and will only get harder in the years to come. By addressing today's issues and pain points, along with your future goals, we will help you to create long-term plans for success. Using our business analysis and consultancy capabilities, as well as our digital data and strategy services, we can tailor your journey based on your unique challenges and future aspirations.

Take control of your data

The need to know everything at the same time is not universal. In fact, information overload is a problem for many. By working collaboratively and planning how and when information and data will be exchanged, you will ensure the right people are engaged at the right time. Taking control of this involves defining your people and processes through digital programme management, information management, and data analytics and science services – all of which we provide.

Always use the right tools

The use of technology should enhance rather than hinder your work. It’s a facilitator to making your processes and practices flow and making sure your needs are fully incorporated into your solutions. As technology continues to evolve, you should always have the right tools at your disposal to adapt and change your systems seamlessly. Using our expertise in business analysis and consultancy, digital procurement and solutions development, we can help you accomplish all this.

Connect solutions to meet your goals

The fact that there is no single piece of software available that can do everything you require means you have to make sure your suite of solutions is right. Through our team’s expertise, we can help you connect these solutions to achieve your single source of truth, assessing what’s really needed, who needs to interact with it, and how to implement and support change.

Experience & Capabilities

Empowering success through expertise

  • Business Analysis and Consultancy

  • Data Analytics and Data Science

  • Digital and Data Strategy

  • Digital Programme Management

  • Information Management and BIM

  • Mobile Data Capture

  • Procurement of Digital

  • Solutions Development

Value & Impact

How we’ve helped others meet their challenges



Award-winning digital solution

Danske Bank UK, a leading bank in Northern Ireland and a growing bank in Great Britain, has been helping people and businesses thrive for more than 200 years. We developed an award-winning digital solution which has transformed the bank’s asset optimisation and budget management processes, allowing it to manage projects better and make informed decisions on capital and maintenance spending.

“The need for clear and structured management of our data and information has never been more prevalent. There are exciting but challenging times ahead for the construction industry and the built environment generally as we embrace both global and national initiatives while balancing the fast-evolving digital landscape.”



RLB Digital


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