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Data Centres

The data centre industry continues to face a capacity challenge. Our experts are working collaboratively with clients and supply chains to meet these requirements.

We are a true global expert in the delivery of data centres having delivered more than 210 data centres and a capacity of in excess of 1GW across the world.

Beyond the delivery of projects, we have supported clients in the selection of site locations to best suit their business requirements for the location of data centre and mission critical facilities across Europe.

Helping clients to deliver value

The setup of the project is key; our mobilisation plans focus on the integration of the skills, systems and methodologies required to deliver in the chosen location.

  • £
    worth of data centres
  • 1.35
    million m² GEA
  • 336
    million client savings
Digital growth and green investment

As more organisations move to the cloud, demand for data centre infrastructure is increasing. Colocation data centres continue to evolve to offer customised solutions with minimum cost and complexity.

Meanwhile, the tech titans are investing in hyperscale facilities – sometimes housing thousands and thousands of servers to meet the demands of the digital era.

We are actively working on including colo-developer, hyperscale developer and owner occupier in France, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Ireland and UK.

The power behind data centre design

Globally, data centres consume around 2% of the world’s energy – and that could rise to 8% based on current trends.

With cooling responsible for up to 40% of data centre energy consumption, bleeding-edge design brings together state-of-the-art high-density servers with revolutionary cooling systems. Other operators are turning to artificial intelligence or 100% renewable energy to power their processors.

We support smart, sustainable solutions in data centres as these ultimately help customers cut costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Safety, security and scale

The data centre is a unique asset class – one where significant investments go into mechanical and electrical infrastructure and where capital expenditure can account for 60% of the development cost.

We provide cost planning, estimating, value engineering and tendering services to help our clients balance the immediate challenges of safety, security, efficiency and cost with a lens on the long term so they can adapt and scale over time.


Andrew Fettes-Brown
Andrew Fettes-Brown

Partner - National Head of Data Centres

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Ian Blakeman
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Robert Nicholson