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Roger Hogg


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RLB’s Riders Digest provides a reference point for the built environment at a moment in time. It reflects the changing macro economies and their impact on the industry, how each of the sectors and UK regions are faring and also looks forward with a market outlook.

At RLB, our role as independent consultants is to help our clients navigate the challenges and opportunities within the built environment and in doing this, it is important to share our understanding of the marketplace and the conditions in which they are operating. We are proud that this publication has now become an industry standard, with feedback from clients and key stakeholders that it is one of the reference documents they use to understand the industry and what is happening within it.

“In 2023, a busy construction sector dominates the national picture, with one eye on replacement workloads as projects are completed, and the other on still uncertain costs of materials amid broader, global economic challenges facing all economies.”

To access the latest market overview, UK construction trends, UK cost construction data and estimating data, read the full report.


Roger Hogg
Roger Hogg

UK Research and Development Manager

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