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With the recent legislative changes relating to the Building Safety Act, Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) and Operance are pleased to announce “The New Age of Building Safety – Built to Last!” roundtable.

This event is set to bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss key insights and lessons learned since the new regulations came into effect on 6 April 2024.

What is the round table about?

This round table discussion aims to provide a platform for key stakeholders in the construction and property management sectors to share their experiences and perspectives on the Building Safety Act’s impact. The focus will be on understanding the challenges encountered, the solutions implemented, and the path forward to ensure compliance and enhance building safety standards.

The discussion will delve into:

  • The practical implications of the Building Safety Act on different industry sectors.
  • Key challenges faced by stakeholders in adapting to the new legislation.
  • Innovative solutions and best practices for compliance.
  • Future strategies to improve building safety and management.

If you are interested in participating in our industry survey that will formulate key questions to the panel, please follow the link here.

Who will be attending?

The round table will be hosted by RLB’s Head of Industry and Service Insight, Paul Beeston who is known for his extensive experience and insights into construction safety and compliance. The panel will include representatives from various facets of the industry, ensuring a comprehensive discussion that covers all relevant aspects of building safety:

  • A large housing association: Providing a perspective on the challenges and solutions from the viewpoint of social housing and large-scale residential management.
  • A leading private developer: Sharing insights on how private sector developers are navigating the new legislative landscape.
  • BSA, CDM & H&S expert from RLB: Offering expert analysis on Building Safety Act legislation, Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations and health and safety standards. 
  • Operance representative: Highlighting how Operance’s innovative solutions support compliance with the Building Safety Act and enhance building information management.
  • Principal Contractor: Discussing the practical challenges faced during the construction phase and how to ensure the provision of essential building information for safe operation.

Why should you watch?

This event is a must-watch for anyone involved in the construction and property management sectors, including:

  • Building owners and managers: Learn how to effectively manage and maintain building safety information to comply with the new regulations.
  • Construction contractors and developers: Gain insights into overcoming the practical challenges of the Building Safety Act and implementing best practices.
  • Safety and compliance officers: Understand the key requirements of the legislation and how to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Industry stakeholders and policymakers: Get a holistic view of the industry’s response to the new legislation and identify areas for future improvement and support.

By watching this round table, you will have the opportunity to hear directly from industry experts who are at the forefront of adapting to the Building Safety Act. Their experiences and insights will provide valuable guidance on navigating the complexities of the new regulations and ensuring that buildings are not only compliant but built to last.

How to watch

The round table discussion will be recorded and available for free download post event. Ensure you register in advance here to receive notifications and access to the event.

Be informed by our experts that will shed light on the new age of building safety and help you stay ahead in this evolving landscape.


Samantha Mepham
Samantha Mepham

Partner – National Head of Health & Safety