International Women’s Day: Meet RLB’s Heather Evans

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Heather Evans


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When Heather was interviewed by RLB while still a university student, she made a lasting impression with her passion to pursue a career in sustainability. So much so that we decided not just to offer her a job but to create a new role that would empower her to realise her ambition.

Within four years of joining RLB as Environmental Assistant in 2014, Heather had risen to become National Head of Sustainability for the UK. Within another four years she was appointed Partner.

“At RLB I have been given the support to develop my career in the direction I want it to go. Every time I have said I want to do this or take up this opportunity, RLB has paid attention and enabled me to do it.”

Heather Evans, UK Partner, National Head of Sustainability Chair, Global Sustainability Services Committee

One of these opportunities came through RLB’s Global Experience Exchange Programme. Heather worked for a month in Arizona to help our practice in the USA develop its sustainability service offering. Since then, she has developed RLB’s global strategy to become the sustainability consultant of choice for the built environment sector.

The support and inspiration of senior colleagues have played a key part in Heather’s career development. For two years, her mentor was Andrew Reynolds, Global Chair and Chief Executive of UK and Europe. “It says a lot about the open culture at RLB that I felt comfortable about approaching the head of the company and asking him to be my mentor,” says Heather. “He not only said yes but he asked me to reverse mentor him.”

A role model for Heather was Ann Bentley CBE, a former Global Chair of RLB who served as a Global Board Director for a decade. Heather says: “In the early part of my career, it was really important for me to see a female role model who was so well respected by the industry. I looked up at her and was inspired by her knowledge and passion.”

Heather is now a role model herself. She regularly mentors students at the University of Liverpool, where she gained a BA and Masters in Sustainable Environmental Design in Architecture, as well as giving careers guidance to students.

Her advice to them is simple: “Follow your passion.”


Heather Evans
Heather Evans

Partner – National Head of Sustainability