Making changes through the Menopause Workplace Pledge

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  • Making changes through the Menopause Workplace Pledge
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According to ‘Wellbeing of Women’ charity, 900,000 women quit their jobs directly because of the menopause when they are at their peak in their career which results in losing out on very talented individuals. Three in four women experience menopause symptoms and one in four have severe symptoms.

To raise awareness of menopause, RLB UK is showing the support by signing the Menopause Workplace Pledge, committing to:

  • Recognising that the menopause can be an issue in the workplace and women need support
  • Talking openly, positively and respectfully about the menopause
  • Actively supporting and informing your employees affected by the menopause.

Find out more about the pledge on the Wellbeing of Women charity’s page.