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Social Value Consultancy

Establishing a value model that quantifies both cost and societal values created is key to ensuring we make business decisions that are people-centred and fit for purpose throughout the project life cycle. ESG and wellbeing must be at the core of decision-making models to make certain projects have a positive and sustainable impact on surrounding communities. Our experts will advise you how to employ best-practice to create bespoke approaches that measure and maximise the social value impact of your projects.

Measure social value accurately

Social value is best understood by forecasting, monitoring, quantifying, evaluating and calculating costs associated with its whole life cycle. RLB has developed a bespoke approach to enable you to assess and demonstrate social value in line with the requirements of your project strategy. We can incorporate multiple analysis frameworks for robust, accountable and auditable social value calculations when forecasting and evaluating projects.

Embed social value through procurement

Setting KPIs and targets is the first step to establishing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting social value and community benefit requirements. To establish a benchmark against which prospective contracting organisations will be evaluated, whether through framework procurement or individual project procurement, RLB will help you to determine the social value requirements of prospective contractors. We can link these to reportable organisational or regional inclusive growth strategies.

Boost your ESG performance

It is essential to develop a detailed measurement system, as well as a KPI mechanism that influences and intervenes, to manage social value performance effectively. To achieve shared social value objectives, tender procedures should encourage collaboration to prepare progress reports, and provide post-project handover reports that include social impact assessments. We will provide you with the necessary expertise, empowering you to improve the ESG outcomes of your projects.

Enhance your project’s legacy

A project's legacy will be enhanced if the business case appraises whole life value and long-term societal benefits because social value is delivered during operation as well as construction. We understand that the real return on investment can only be accurately calculated by including data on operational costs with data on social impact to develop whole life value assessments. Our team will show you how.



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Heather Evans
Heather Evans

Partner – National Head of Sustainability