How to construct supporting structures for deep excavation?

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  • How to construct supporting structures for deep excavation?
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There is an old Chinese saying, “There is a paradise in heaven, while there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth”.

It praises the beautiful sceneries of the cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou that make them comparable to paradise on earth.

In Hangzhou, RLB has participated in many large-scale complex projects invested by renowned developers in recent years. These projects have one common characteristic: deep excavation is required for the construction of basement. This reflects the degree of land scarcity in Hangzhou as the developers want to maximise the use of underground spaces, responding to the increasing land prices in urban areas and the statutory restrictions upon building heights.

Complex deep excavation results in higher construction costs of excavation and lateral support. Therefore, property developers often demand thorough studies on design options to control the cost of foundation and basement works. We’re happy to share with you the experiences gained from our projects in Hangzhou.

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